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Autodesk is a big corporation. They don’t give away their software for free. They’re releasing 64-bit AutoCAD this year, but they charge for it.


Full disclosure: I was among the many people who held such reservations when I first looked at the announcement of 64-bit AutoCAD. But I have been practicing the more agressive use of 64-bit for a few years, and I am now both more capable and more comfortable using that version.
You will not get any support from Autodesk for issues with the 64-bit version. If you choose to use that version, you are on your own.
If you are a beginner in AutoCAD, the 32-bit is easier to learn and a good place to start. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, and you wish to continue the practice of using 64-bit, the choice is yours.
The keys are the same in both versions, and if you already have a 32-bit key, there is no reason to use the new version. The only thing that may change is that you will not be able to import your old drawings or use an older version of AutoCAD to save a file with a 32-bit document type.

Short answer: AutoCAD 2013 64-bit is better than it’s predecessor, so if you have both, you should not be limited to the 32-bit version.

Restaurant owners, restaurants and restaurants owners, retailers, and department stores share many of the same problems, including long hours, low pay, understaffing, and high turnover.

Why not create a program that would allow restaurant owners the freedom to manage their business as they see fit? This program would allow owners to set their own hours and work a flexible schedule. Owners would be able to pay staff a higher hourly wage and would be able to do without any type of labor agreement. They would also be able to choose where to open up and where to close their business.

While the program would be beneficial for restaurant owners and the low wages they are forced to pay, they would be left with the problem of hiring and training new staff and replacing the high turnover the program would create.




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