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If you’re looking for a long-term relationship or partnership, casual sex can actually be better for you in the long run. “Women tend to break up more often than men, because in a long-term relationship, there are deep disappointments and heartbreak; there are times when you feel rejected and unimportant, and you feel they don’t treat you the way you deserve,” says sex therapist Ali Rehmani. So if you use casual sex as a way to get what you want from a potential partner in a less vulnerable way, it can lead to more sustainable relationships.
“On the flip side,” says Ema Kenny, PhD, a behavioral health professional and counselor in New York City, “sex without meaning or emotional engagement is more likely to lead to infidelity.”
The expectation of casual sex — that a 20-something woman will get laid with little to no commitment — is a relatively new development. Sexual attitudes have evolved a great deal since the ’70s, which is why even today’s millennials value quality rather than quantity. “We don’t tend to move into ‘risky’ situations, which means walking around alone at night, to go to concerts,” says sex therapist Marie Rubino. “We are still trying to figure out where we’re going to find one of those.”
“There’s a hookup culture in America,” says Ema Kenny, PhD, a behavioral health professional and counselor in New York City. “I hear from women and men who are having casual sex and, more important, casual intimacy all over the place, and that’s what’s most risky to them. One of the most important things about casual sex is it requires safety, time, intention, real emotions and communication.”
Who’s to blame for casual sex?
Is it the way we’re supposed to act? Is casual sex right and wrong? And is it really in vogue? “There’s a sense that casual sex is all there is. It’s the only kind of sex you’re supposed to have,” says sex therapist Alison Hobbs.
“Generally, casual sex is really not considered a legitimate form of dating. If you’re looking for a more serious emotional connection, you’re a little crazy, and you probably just want it,” says sex therapist Marie Rubino. She adds, “But when you’re a millennial, you think, well, maybe I’m a little bit crazy and I’m OK with that.”
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Casual sex is a total buzzword in modern dating — regardless of the alleged porn star status of your ex-boyfriend, having sex with someone without the expectation of anything beyond the physical is seen as a sexy act. But did you know that going beyond the edge of the mattress or engaging in sloppy but mind-blowing sex is only the tip of the iceberg? Casual sex can also be tantamount to “Casual Sex is Sex.” You’re not a hookup if you’re going out with someone because you’re both down to have some fun, but you’re not having sex if you aren’t having sex. Follow these steps to find and enjoy casual sex, no matter your personality.

1. Know Your Weakness
Sure, you can go for broke and have sex with anyone you see on the side of the road, but are you in the right frame of mind to give sex another shot? It’s inevitable that you will find yourself in this situation from time to time, so knowing yourself — whether you’re just not quite ready to have sex in your current romantic relationship, or you’ve broken up with your ex, but still want to make out — will help you make better decisions, both when you don’t want to and when you do.
2. Make Sexual Health a Priority
When it comes to casual sex, your physical health is absolutely vital. Talk with your doctor about safe sex, and make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest vaccines. You’ll want to check in with your medical provider ahead of any given sex time, and make sure you’re not coming down with a cold or otherwise exposed to anything that could be potentially harmful for your body. Make sure you’re protected, in terms of both your heart and your genitalia.

3. Learn Your Space
Know where you’re going before you get there, and be sure to take all the necessary precautions. While having casual sex can mean that you might be spending a lot of time together, you should know that this doesn’t mean that your body will be yours to do with what you want. Treat yourself to some fun foreplay and sex toys before you get down to the business. If you’re going to have some fun with another person, you want to make sure that you’re both feeling comfortable and


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