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UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.19.1 Install __HOT__

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.19.1 Install __HOT__


UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.19.1 Install

ufs explorer software 5.19.1 will scan the whole disk looking for any possible data loss and will even try to recover it. for the sake of computer users convenience, it is possible to filter the detected content on the basis of file type. in addition, the software will be able to detect hard disk types, including sata, ide and scsi, and, in case of their detection, it will provide you with an option for choosing whether to attempt to optimize them or to reconfigure them. if the software encounters any storage space which has been in use and cannot be accessed or is corrupted, it will mark it as unreadable or unusable and will advise you that the data in it cannot be recovered.

when you are working with a partition or a volume, the affected data can be found on it, provided the lost partition table is not corrupted. even if the partition table is damaged, still the data can be identified if the partition is intact. to find the affected data, the software will extract the lost data from every partition, which may be a lot, and then order them by file type, using the system default settings. in order to get all the lost data in one unified directory, the software will look for the partition with the largest storage space which holds the data.

the recovery explorer uses stored scan results when searching for damaged data. you can edit scanned files by opening the individual files in the virtual files of the storage. if you delete or rename the files in the storage, the software automatically restores them using the original names. when files are modified, you can save the scan result to the storage. the created scan result is stored as an image of the storage and is then opened in the scanned files section or in the virtual disk view. you can add saved scan result to the virtual disk by right clicking the item or by the context menu. to open a particular file with the help of the internal file viewer, right click the file in the explorer windows.

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