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Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKTtorrent

Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKTtorrent


Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKTtorrent

as you might expect, my main purpose in buying ivory ii grand pianos was for jazz, but i’m also using it for classical recordings. in the end, the german grand proved to be the sound of choice for a number of reasons. firstly, it has excellent articulation (the notes on the lower half of the keyboard are completely delineated), and its wide soundscape makes it a versatile instrument for jazz, bebop and contemporary jazz. its sound is also detailed and textured (unlike a yamaha), and its tone has that signature’steaming’ bass and treble that i can’t resist.

i’ve used the ivory ii for jazz, rock, blues, contemporary jazz and even blues-rock, and it’s been a great tool for me. it’s not a real grand piano, and the fullness and richness of the sound can be a little fatiguing for that kind of work, but i’ve enjoyed it very much. the sound is highly versatile and is capable of taking you from a quiet solo piece to a more explosive line, depending on your mood and the musical situation. the control functions are simple to use and the quality of the sound is remarkable. i’m very much looking forward to taking it into the recording studio with me to record drums, bass and the rest. i’ve even been playing it on a small stage in a jazz club for a while, and it’s been great fun.

for me, the sound of an ivory grand piano is a combination of warmth and clarity, which is why this steinway’s personality shines through. although it’s a bit slow and ponderous at times, it’s more than capable of producing those honky-tonk jazz chords and big-band breaks, and is also great for musicals and string arrangements. although many listeners will prefer a different model, this one is a great choice for jazz, rock and blues, and it’s certainly an alternative to any well-respected grand piano.

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Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKTtorrent
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Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKTtorrent
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Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKTtorrent
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Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos KONTAKTtorrent
Szarlatan Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos II KONTAKT torretnt Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos


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