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Sahi [Win/Mac]







Sahi X64 (2022)

Sahi has three main components:
Sahi Recorder: Viewer based recorder that lets you record Selenium, Sahi, Cucumber tests
Sahi Player: Viewer based playback component which can play Sahi, Selenium and Cucumber tests
Sahi UI: UI component that facilitates automation of web applications using Selenium and Sahi
Sahi supports these features:
Browser independence
No explicit wait
No reruns
No browser commands
No Regressions
Embedded Browser
Clicking, hovering, scrolling with no javascript required
No controller files needed
No explicit waits
No password/pin entry
No save/load
The Sahi code for your platform and version is available as a ZIP file from
Sahi on github.
Runs on:
Sahi is cross platform and works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X machines
The browser which Sahi works with depends on the platform
Sahi also works with extension enabled browsers like firefox, chrome, explorer and webÂ
browser on windows with the user
The user of Sahi is responsible for maintaining his browser and its extension if he wants

Sahi is the automated UI testing and recording. Sahi audio recorder is a thin GUI recorder for testing browser based application. Using Sahi’s recorder, test scripts can be recorded and played back in a variety of different browsers. Sahi has a parallel multi-threaded capability which also enables the recording and playback of Sahi scenarios simultaneously. Sahi can be used to record and playback selenium tests, cucumber tests or sahi. Our focus is to record the test scripts and debugging them. Sahi is a very easy to use tool with a lot of features to record and playback. Sahi is helpful in recording, debugging, playback of your selenium scripts. It’s features include e.g. recording a test written with cucumber, recording a feature with cucumber and so on, without the use of IE.
Sahi is the desktop automation testing software. Sahi is one of the best software which helps in recording and playback of desktop automation scripts. Sahi is the fastest automation testing tool. It can record and playback any desktop application easily. Sahi can record and playback at any time in the background. Sahi is cross platform, browser independent with high-performance and low startup. Sahi can record your automation scripts and it can help you in playback your automation

Sahi [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

Sahi as a new automation framework for web applications is designed to be a tester friendly tool. By recording websites, Sahi can easily run them later for playback. To do that, Sahi records the screens, mouse clicks and keystrokes in the websites. Sahi’s play-back feature is comparable to a camera-recorder. It can be equipped with various preferences. To make Sahi easier to use, there are shortcuts like F1, ESC and F4 to exit the tool, as well as F5 to start playback. Sahi has the capability to playback the recorded sessions in many browsers. Sahi has facilities to save recorded sessions to two formats, that is it can save the recorded sessions in an XML file and in.hprof format. Sahi also has the facility to save session in compressed format, in webarchive format. Apart from recording and playback, Sahi also has facility to operate on.hprof files. Sahi allows java interactions between Java and webbrowser. This lets tester to automate cross browser browsers
Sahi Settings:
Sahi lets tester to control many settings like interface layout, main window size, browser size, keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks, playback speed, resume recording, recorder threshold for recording, video quality and more. Sahi has it’s own way to save recorded sessions in two formats: an xml file and.hprof file. Sahi allows java interactions between Java and web browser, this helps you to test and automate cross browser browsers.
Sahi License:
Sahi is Free, Please Visit  :
Sahi Contact:
Sahi Team
Project Page:

For More Functionalities,
Sahi Team
Sahi @ Github
Sahi @ Twitter


Selenium IDE

Browser automation tool (with Windows). This tool was created by
Selenium project. Selenium runs a browser through Java program on
command line or in Web interface, but it is still a not too easy

you can download the zip file here selenium-server-standalone-2.45.0.zip


Try TestComplete. It’s much simpler. Just open the webpage,

Sahi Crack + [Mac/Win]

Sahi is an automation and testing utility that has been built on principles of easy automation and collaboration. Sahi is the tool of choice to document, automate and test web applications. Sahi is a testing utility for web applications that are architected in the Java EE and J2EE architecture. The test scripts are interactive with the scripts running on the actual web server. Sahi is a tool that covers all major browsers in the world
Sahi Features
1. Easy automation
Sahi is not just an automatic recorder. Sahi is a quick and easy to use recorder. Sahi is user friendly, flexible and requires minimum amount of programming. Sahi has an intuitive recorder interface that makes a web application recording a breeze.
2. Automate any
Sahi is not just an automated recorder. Sahi is a testing utility that provides an interactive GUI to record and playback scripts interactively. Sahi can be used to automate any application that runs on any web browser.
3. Platform Independence
Sahi does not need any operating system. Sahi is just a java application and runs on any platform and any version of any browser.
4. No XPaths
Sahi does not need XPaths. Sahi uses your own logic to decide what needs to be done. It doesn’t care whether you are using XPaths or not.
5. No waits
Sahi does not require waiting for a browser to complete an operation. Sahi records everything and interacts with the system as required. Sahi does not wait for the web application to finish its operation.
6. Good Java interaction
Sahi is a Java application. Sahi allows you to interact with the captured scripts very easily in Java.
7. Inbuilt reporting
Sahi comes with a wide variety of built in reporting tools to give you feedback on the functionality of the script.
Sahi Specifications
Java: 1.5
Sahi is a java application. It runs on any platform that has Java 5 or later installed.
Browser: any standard web browser
Sahi Libraries
Sahi has been written using the latest technologies. Sahi uses the latest technologies in the Java scene. Sahi has been written using the latest technologies in the Java scene. Sahi has been written using the following technologies:

What’s New In?

Sahi is an automation and testing utility for web browsers and it has the facility to record and playback scripts. Sahi runs on any modern browser which supports javascript.
Sahi is a tester friendly tool. It abstracts out most difficulties that testers face while automating web applications. Some salient features include excellent recorder, platform and browser independence, no XPaths, no waits, multithreaded playback, excellent Java interaction and inbuilt reporting. Sahi supports Selenium, HtmlUnit, Mozilla, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.. The rest of the features of Sahi can be found here

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System Requirements For Sahi:

High Definition Graphics:
OS: Windows 7 (64 bit) or later
Processor: Intel Core i3 or later
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series or Radeon HD3400
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Additional Notes: Hardware requirements subject to change.
OS: Nintendo Wii U
Memory: 4 GB


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