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Rufus 3.0.1304 Released ##BEST##

Rufus 3.0.1304 Released ##BEST##


Rufus 3.0.1304 Released

here is a great news for you. rufus has updated to version 3.0.1304. the update fixes some bugs and adds a new feature. after creating a multi-boot flash drive, you can press the button to move to another os or select another option from the program after completing the usb flash drive. for more information, please read the release note.

rufus also works with windows 10and will create a bootable iso for it. but theres no real need to do that, since the operating system can be installed from the usb flash drive via the optional disc feature.

as much as hes formed a prison family, rufus hasnt forgotten his own family on the outside, including his brother, gary clark, who describes his big brother as being a central part of their family. growing up, he helped me a lot, like when id been going through different things, hed help me, talk to me. he taught me everything. even from the prison, he still helps me. he encourages me about this and encourages me about that.

but while the application is still in its infancy, its functionality, stability, and speed are all top-notch. gary is like a big brother, he still helps me. he motivates me. because he knows about this. he knows what im doing. he loves me. and i love him. rufus is a very big part of my life. it just makes me happy to do what i do. and im really happy to be doing it.

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