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Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy series Hearts of Iron IV has received an extensive patch recently that added multiple game modes and scenarios including Napolean’s Campaigns: “From Moscow to Elba, join the fight to liberate Europe from the clutches of Bonaparte!”.
This patch also introduced the “Europe at War” mod that adds 70 new scenarios.
About Hearts of Iron IV:
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory – The Story: The game’s campaign is a single player experience with new missions unlocked as the game progresses.
For new players a tutorial is also available.
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory – The Game: Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory is a new DLC for Hearts of Iron IV with new scenarios, player commands and the ability to play with the AI with all improvements and new features that were introduced in the game “From Moscow to Elba”.
You can fight against any player in the world and play as any country from the time of the French Revolution to the start of WWI.
You can play as an Axis or Allied, fascist or communist, or even form your own government.
New Leader Types and Unique Ambitions
As in the original Hearts of Iron game, you can play with any kind of leader.
Some of them need to have certain traits in order to play the game and some need a unique ambition for a leader to really shine.
We are also introducing the “Fascist” leader type. Its main characteristic is “Blood and Soil” and he will use propaganda in order to gather the support of the people.
How to Play:
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory will play like the Hearts of Iron games.
Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy that does not make any distinctions between the player and the AI.
Instead the AI will use a different set of rules and interact differently with other leaders.
Players can choose to play as any of the countries, like Great Britain and France (including expansions like Australia) or start from scratch and create their own.
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory is the first DLC to be released for Hearts of Iron IV and will be followed by two DLCs, the Second World War and Napoleonic France.
The last two episodes, WWII and the age of Imperialism are planned.
For more information on the upcoming content visit


Features Key:

  • Brand new unique game, comedy graphic.
  • Special link for the players world tour, get to the special link and finish the whole tour game.
  • Complete game easy to learn, but very difficulty when play finished.
  • It’s the comedy edition, with all the funny aspect in many scenes.
  • Different hero with different personality according to game mode.
  • Different conditions and boss mode, make it more comical.
  • Power up some techniques.
  • It’s evolved so the new version is more funny.
  • Comedy game, the game contents are very much hilarious, definitely. The new version is more comical.

Game Features:

  • Puzzling gameplay.
  • Difficult to someone who plays games regularly.
  • Switch the difficulty when difficulty settings are chosen.
  • The words are changed some.
  • Improve graphics and gameplay.
  • It’s full version contain new jokes, figure.
  • Fighter mode select the main view in the mode.
  • Tablet Control, choose the playing area.
  • A set of rules, Jump, kick, jump, kick, kick, jump, kick, kick.
  • These functions work, there are 2 heroes of the game, 2 hero’s name is Guui and Lele, 1 pregnant hero character.


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– See our FAQ on support.nintendo.com.
– Download the Software from
In addition to our games, we offer the Nintendo Switch VR unit for sale at Nintendo or Game stores. This unit is designed to work with the Nintendo Switch.
This game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Entertainment System: NES. Not compatible with the Virtual Console titles.More From Tonic:

These days, there are few cities where you will find a mason to admit having a headache – it’s considered a no-no. There was a time, though, when building masons took on physical labour alongside the construction of your walls, or tiles – it was both an occupation for a man and a form of employment.

Woodcuts, in particular, were used to advertise the mason’s work, and this page from the mid-17th century shows an engraving of a mason at work, along with tools of the trade.

With the advent of civil engineering and its demand for high-quality concrete, the profession suffered, though it was revived in the late 18th century. At this time, the so-called ‘chemical head’ was the norm, and when it was discovered that plaster of Paris could be made from lime and water, it was used to protect masons from the terrible condition that had been caused by the old material.

This revival was short-lived and in 1833 the demand for skilled masons again waned, due to a drastic increase in the amount of hard-stone buildings erected in England. In the 1980s, however, the need for a renovation of older buildings began to arise again and today, the mason can be found working on both old and new buildings of every shape and size.

It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the term ‘mason’ was given a specific meaning: it could only be used for someone who made the crafts of the trade, and was defined as ‘a man who prepares and renders mud or clay for building’ – in other words, the skilled bricklayer of the modern era.

Of course, the craftsman has not always been known by such a specific definition. ‘Mason’ was once used to describe the member of the Order of Freemasons – even though these days, ‘mason’ is almost exclusively applied to a member of the


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1) To obtain the leaderboard scores: From the Main Menu, select Online.
2) Select Leaderboard at the bottom of the screen.
3) Each player will receive a list of the top 10 players with their points and location.
4) You can easily change your score by clicking on your name. To update your score online, just select “reload score”.

Screenshots of Heroes of Yore










Role Playing







About Heroes of Yore

The greatest characters of history and mythology have been brought together in this marvelous one of a kind turn-based party RPG. Enjoy their tales in Story Mode, play a quick skirmish in Quick Play, or match wits with other players in Online PvP!

Story Mode – Match Up With Your Favorite Characters

Play as fan favorites such as Dracula, Zorro, Sherlock Holmes, Rosie the Riveter, Joan of Arc, Athena, Thor, and Robin Hood!

Over 50 playable characters.

New characters, stories, and content will be released monthly!

Assemble your Team

Build your team of heroes and/or villains. As you play the game you will earn experience and gain levels. Gaining levels makes your team more powerful and able to take on stronger foes.

As you play the Story Mode you will unlock new characters that are ready to use in battle! Certain characters must be unlocked through the Heroes screen with points you earn by playing any of the game modes. Over 50 characters are currently available with new characters being added monthly.

Enjoy Tales of Yore

Enjoy six full featured campaigns that include 10 chapters each. Learn about trials and tribulations of your favorite characters. Unlock new characters in the story to build your dream team! New campaigns will be added monthly.

Match wits Online

Earn experience and levels for your characters and compete in the monthly leader board. Find out whose Team are the ultimate Heroes of Yore!

Game “Heroes of Yore”

With over 20 different game modes, you are never short of ways to challenge yourself and your friends.

Tons of different characters, locations, and challenges to


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