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Checking and changing the value of a listView selection

I am having an issue with a listview selection. I’m trying to populate a listview with the same selection that is used to filter the results. However I can’t seem to get the change. Is there a way of doing this? Below is the code I’m using for the initial load of the selection and the filtering…
if(locationSearch!=null) {
ListView lv = (ListView) findViewById(R.id.lv);


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Nokia E72 review review – Full picture & video – CNET

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Germany Scales Back Refugee Program

September 06, 2009 8:50 PM


Germany Scales Back Refugee Program


The German parliament has approved a bill that will temporarily reduce the number of refugees to be accepted for the next four months. Speaking at a news conference, Christian Wulff, the president of the


By hazar.comWhy? Wherefore? I’m still pondering that very relevant question, and the answers seem to change from one day to the next. I’m told that “craft” is a good word, but when my daughter begs for a handmade Halloween costume, I can’t find the time to make it. Are other women victims of the same angst I seem to experience in situations like this one? Is this a part of motherhood in general?



I get that desperate feeling, too. Sometimes it seems like I should be spending more time on the vly things, but I come from a background where kids were expected to be seen and not heard. I’ve also been the pouting one so I’m not the most perfect wife and mother, either.

But I think when you hear that you have children, you just can’t help but remember your own childhood. You realize that every time your kids act up or make your life more difficult, they’re doing it because they love you, and the best thing you can do for them is to love them back.

Good for you for realizing that and doing it! Even though I feel like I’ve done and said things that have made it worse sometimes, I know the better thing to do is to keep trying to love my kids more. That’s what I should be doing anyway. ?

It is so true. All the people who complained about the room heater when they were kids were also complaining about how hot the room was! It didn’t heat the room enough! Why is the warmer the room, the more restless my kids are? I can’t help but think that they will get less cranky about life as they grow older.

I’ve also had nights where I’ve said bad things to my children and they’ve been so upset that I felt awful, and I was almost sure it had hurt them. But as I reflect on the situation later, I realize that I didn’t do any of those things on purpose. And it just makes me sad and ashamed that I was so totally unaware of how my children were really feeling. Even worse, I think I had a pretty good idea that all they wanted was for me to love them.

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