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Welcome to Kingwarezer (`KingwaresZ’er) a retired FSO webmaster, now, I make my living from computers and the Internet in the form of web design and promotion!

I have been retired from the army now for over 7 years and I have been doing web design and programming since then. I started my career at Kelly Cfg in 1999 and stayed until 2001. From 2001 to 2003 I spent some time developing websites for Znet as well as for a few other websites. I then moved to Kelly Cfg again and took over the Znet website project as well as other freelance project work. When PCC acquired Kelly Cfg in 2003, Kelly Cfg was phased out, but I stayed on with PCC until 2006.

From 2006 till 2010 I lived in Canada as a refugee while working on a few clients. I returned to Zambia in 2010 and opened a reselling shop, initially serving people from the area. I have since opened a second shop in Lusaka, so I now have 4 shops to serve people from the Lusaka area.

I have been keeping myself occupied by designing and programming


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