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Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones Highly Compressed PC ENG 2005



Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones Highly Compressed PC ENG 2005

during the last level of the tower, there is a stone staircase that will eventually lead to an ornate window and the series final puzzle. there, a wooden platform will allow the prince to climb up and out. once outside, he must make it to the top of the structure, where he can face the enemy in the palace. [21] the prince uses his magic to release farah’s death grip on the basket and climb into the basket to escape. when he is ready, he presses his sword against farah’s throat, hoping to wake her. in response, she speaks to the prince, encouraging him to remember their past and their promises. through this, he realizes that the paths of revenge and rejection have caused him to lose control. he climbs out of the basket, accepts that he cannot change his past and gets ready to die. just then, he realizes that if he dies in farah’s arms, she will love him and marry him. [21]

at the end of the game, farah finally realizes that she still loves the prince and wants to be with him. she and the prince head back to babylon, where they are able to retrieve the palace and rule. the prince and farah then walk down the riverbank to the sea. farah decides to sail away on her raft, alone, as the prince and the kingdom of babylon fall to the wind. [21]

the first ten levels in the prince’s story are set in what the game calls the “heroic realm” and are similar to those seen in the sands of time. they take place during the early morning hours, and often involve the prince having to disarm bombs, or sneaking through a crowd as he wishes to get across the game’s various environments. however, the introductory level, a remake of level 3-1 from the sands of time, was set before the first game, and serves as a prequel to the opening levels. [7] the game also features new bosses, new weapon upgrades, and a new game mechanic. [7]


“You’re such a prick,You better watch yourself!” (Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones) – Title Screen (ENG) 00:00:00
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Prince of Persia The Two Thrones PC Game Highly Compressed Eng 2005. PC Games Kingdom Tell Us What You Think!
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