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Pixelus Deluxe Full Crack 11 __LINK__ ➕

Pixelus Deluxe Full Crack 11 __LINK__ ➕


Pixelus Deluxe Full Crack 11

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System Requirements: OS:. Windows XP (SP2 or later) / Vista (SP2 or later) / Windows 7 (SP1 or later).


To verify that this is really a download of Pixelus Deluxe Full Crack 11:
Open the folder where you download it (normally C:/Program Files (x86)/PopCap Games/Pixelus Deluxe/).
Find it and look under the Pixelus Deluxe folder.
My download has a file named Pixelus Deluxe_Cracked_Portable, that should be the same as the download you have.
If not, look again.

Install Pixelus Deluxe

Follow the instructions below to install Pixelus Deluxe:
Download Pixelus Deluxe From The Link Below (I’ve tested this link, it is good, you can get Pixelus Deluxe v1.0.
Please use the comments section below if you need help, or any other question.

How to Install Pixelus Deluxe v1.0:
1. Extract/Unzip (Please Read the Instruction Below)

2. Copy

3. Run.


If you do not see “Pixelus Deluxe” after you run and install it, don’t worry. “Pixelus Deluxe” will automatically appear in your PopCap Games folder.

4. Enjoy.

Default installation path (with password):

C:\Program Files (x86)\PopCap Games\Pixelus Deluxe\

(You may use the same path with this game)


You cannot run the game while it is installed.


The Universal installer takes the proper steps to sign the game if you use the same folder as a previous installation, so you should not have to.

If you cannot sign the game, you will have to re-install the game (or just uninstall it if you can).

If you have the game installed already, you can remove the game from the list of installed programs.

(You must be logged on as an administrator to remove the game from the list of installed programs.)

Open the folder where you downloaded it (normally C:/Program Files (x86)/PopCap Games/Pixelus Deluxe/).

Find it and look under the Pixelus Deluxe folder.

Pixelus Deluxe is a great game, but there are people who have problems with PopCap Games.

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Download Pixelus Deluxe v1.0 free

Description :

Pixelus Deluxe Cracked is another game based on skill and dexterity. This addictive puzzle game is available to both IOS and Android users. The game is completely free with new levels, new challenging obstacles and new characters. Let’s get started and enjoy.

The free game is completely ad supported with no nag screens but with real full version keygen, patch update, and offline installer.

Pixelus Deluxe Features :

Fully optimized for the iOS platform with the user interface designed around a touch screen.

A new, innovative, physics driven puzzle mechanic in which the movement of each piece is completely influenced by the locations of all other pieces. The game will also learn from your gameplay and the difficulty will increase with the more advanced versions.

A new UI designed to focus more on your game and less on the controls.

IOS BETA Versions : The game is still under development and will have many more features in the upcoming versions. Download the latest versions from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

2 different game modes: – Play mode – when the movement of the pieces changes and you have to prevent them from falling. – Challenge Mode – when the pieces move so quickly that you need to be quick with your fingers.

Save progress of each player session.

Share progress of each player session

Can be played offline, will save your place in the game and restore it if you move the iPad to another location.

New set of challenges

Easy to learn and hard to master mechanic. Many levels have to be cleared in Challenge Mode

Create customized levels and share them with other players.

Achievement system. If you complete all levels in challenge mode you will unlock a new character or have extra lives.

100% Offline Available

Download Google Play link :

Mac Version Download Link :

Download Pixelus Deluxe Full Version :


download to make a bat file to automatically run your Pixelus Deluxe when it is launched

Download Pixelus Deluxe for Windows

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