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* _The iLife._ Although iPhoto is free, the iLife suite includes iMovie, a versatile video editor; iPhoto, a photo editing program; and GarageBand, a free music software application.
* _Windows Live Photo Gallery._ This free program is designed for compressing, organizing, tagging, and sharing images.

All these programs are accessible through the Windows Dashboard. But don’t get too attached to Windows. Programs such as iPhoto are Mac-only and require installation on a Mac computer.

## **Chapter 4**

## **Graphics, Web Design, and the Graphics Department**


**Map Making**

**Shape Tools**

**Designing Websites**


**Design and Layout**

**Graphic Design and Layout**

**Graphic Art**

**3D Graphics**

**Desktop Publishing**

**Web Design**

**Making Great Graphics**

Drawing has always been an important part of the graphic arts. As printing presses and photography have evolved, drawings have moved to the back burner as part of the traditional process of completing a graphic. But in the post-press era, with the emergence of desktop publishing (DTP), there are great possibilities to generate documents, newsletters, brochures, and advertising directly from a computer desktop. Almost any design can be accomplished, from billboards to poster prints.

Many designers use a type of software called a graphics program, which is software that manipulates an image in the graphic arts, creating special effects and making it ready for publication. There are also programs that are called page layout programs.

* _Adobe Creative Suite._ There are many versions of this program, and each is designed for a specific set of features. Its current version includes both the Dreamweaver and Photoshop programs. In other words, a big suite of powerful tools that enable graphic designers to create and work on documents that are ready to be published.
* _CorelDRAW._ This program is also available with many other names, such as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It supports both 2D and 3D graphics, including animation.
* _GIMP._ Another great free and powerful image manipulation program.
* _Macromedia Flash._ The program allows you to create and animate 2D and 3D graphics and multimedia files.

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Benefits of Photoshop Elements

It is easier to use and more convenient than many other graphics editors, offering a more streamlined user experience. You can use it to do a variety of graphics editing tasks like cropping, flipping, distortion, image editing, color adjustment, photo retouching, and file retagging.

It allows you to add frames, add text, add and edit many objects and layers, duplicate layers, arrange objects, crop photos, and you can edit photos and vector images.

Using Photoshop Elements, you can create high-quality images (up to 8 megapixels), edit them, add effects (including automatic slideshow music playback), and edit and embed photos into your social media feeds and websites.

When you import files into Photoshop Elements, you can use existing templates and images in the library and work with them, or use your own files.

Photoshop Elements

The Elements is built-in to Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It may also work on other operating systems that have compatible drivers. It is integrated with MS Office, so you can open and edit images and perform other tasks using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs using the same interfaces. Photoshop Elements is Windows-only.


What features will you use? It’s time to narrow down the choices and consider the benefits of Photoshop Elements over professional-level Photoshop. It might be worth a trial run to see whether you’re going to stick with it or move on to something else.

Elements is designed for Windows, which means you can do many tasks using the same tool or other applications built into the operating system.

Elements contains many tools that may provide better alternatives to the professional tool. It’s a good tool to learn image editing. You can use it for basic image editing tasks, photo retouching, image processing, image repair, and more.

And you can use some of its tools to clean up your photos and create image galleries. You can edit video and convert still images into a movie format.

Photoshop Elements


Import, organize, edit, and retouch photos.

Elements is optimized for Windows, so you can use the same tool to edit photos that you use to edit videos. Elements contains many of the tools you’d find in professional programs, such as Image Repair, a Content-Aware Fill function for

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boolean success = false;
if (rollback) {
if (rollbackProcessing.containsKey(data.get(“rollback”))) {
success = true;

if (!success) {
// if no custom processors, delete
if (customProcessors.isEmpty()) {
if (delete) {
} else {
if (delete) {
for (Processor processor : customProcessors) {

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Some researchers have suggested that suicide may be a state of mind more than a state of body. The thoughts of the depressed old people who kill themselves are often less anguished than those of those who commit suicide later in life. Although older people may have the personal means to commit suicide, as a group they are simply less likely to express their suicidal thoughts, not because of lack of desire but because of their social situation. One study found that the probability of suicide for older persons is inversely correlated with degree of social integration.

Condemning suicide and reducing the stigma of depression do much to help, but perhaps the greatest help in the end is simply knowing someone who has killed himself or suffered a depression and survived to talk about it. Not all elderly suicides are tragic or telltale. Suicide occurs for a variety of reasons. Some are caused by diseases, some by terminal illnesses, some by substance abuse, some by longstanding illnesses. But for

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