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* The “What is Photoshop Elements?” sidebar lists many free and open-source Photoshop alternatives.
* “What’s the difference between a retouching and a photo editing program?” explains the concept of the different types of image editing tools.
* “How to Cut and Paste in Photoshop” details a simple way to move items from one layer to another.
* Chapter 4, “Creating a Simple Photo Manipulation,” shows you how to apply different photo effects to a single image.
* Chapters 5 to 8, “Photoshop Layers: Basic Techniques,” to “Photoshop Layers: Advanced Techniques,” provide an overview of the most popular features of the application.

## Art History in a Digital Age

After photographers realized their original prints were fading, they began to experiment with creating their own dyes, otherwise known as pigments, as opposed to the inorganic silver chloride used by early printmakers. They eventually invented a new kind of medium, creating prints of ink on paper instead of ink on cloth. It was only a matter of time before they started making paintings.

In the 17th century, the Dutch masters became the first artists to freely use oil paints. Painting became a creative industry as it became a hobby as well. Artists used oil paints and other media to create their pictures in the 19th century.

Paris was the hotbed for artistic activity in the 20th century. Artists who didn’t make their living from their work created drawings, sculptures, and even paintings as a hobby.

Photography changed art in the 20th century. Developments in small, portable film cameras, including the 35 mm SLR camera, allowed hobbyists to take pictures and then quickly develop the film. These original prints were the first examples of art created in the digital age.

## Digital Photography

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If you have never used Photoshop before, or if you just want to know more about the software, this course is the perfect place to start!

Here is a little bit about Photoshop for beginners.


Creates, manipulates and delivers digital images.

Elements is a software program used to create and edit photos and other image-based material. It works with the most common formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PSD, and others.


A shape or other graphical element.

An object in a digital image is anything that can be in a photograph, even if it’s not a foreground or background or an important part of the picture.


The brightness or quality of a light source. This can be natural light or artificial light.

The quality of light is measured in terms of the amount of light energy which reaches the sensor. Light quality can be bright, medium, or dark.


A series of connected shapes, lines, and other objects.

A path is a series of connected objects or shapes in a photo, drawn by the user using the Path selection tool. Paths can be used to animate objects, simulate curves, or edit paths to make more complex shape selections.


A building block of an image, which is a discrete point of color or brightness.

In the world of digital images, a pixel is the smallest element of an image that can be manipulated by a computer. For example, if you were to make a digital copy of a print, you wouldn’t be able to edit the color of pixels that are smaller than the physical dot of ink on the print.


Creation, editing and applying of a series of connected images or shapes.

Photographers use paths to lay out a grid of images or shapes to layer over each other, create multiple versions of an image, or copy and paste images.


A place is a location in the world that you have seen before, or a previously created picture that you want to use as the background of the images you are creating in your photo editing.


A selection is the area of one image that is covered by the area of another image that you have selected.

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Jersey 2 – How do you POST multiple entities to a rest service?

I have an issue with developing REST services. I have a REST service that accepts a number of different child entities and I need to send all of them together. The problem is that Jersey (2.0, latest version) seems to bind the objects into a single Post, and only serializes the first entity.
Take the following two example objects. They are the same but different (the first one is a Group, the second one is a User):
@XmlRootElement( name=”myItems”, namespace=”urn:my:namespace” )
public class MyItem {
private Long id;
private String name;
private String description;
private List items;


@XmlRootElement( name=”myUsers”, namespace=”urn:my:namespace” )
public class MyUser {
private Long id;
private String name;
private String password;
private List groups;


Note that MyUser, MyItem and MyOtherItems, MyOtherUser are all in a set of MappedSuperclass:
public abstract class AbstractItem {


The problem is that for some reason only one of them is serialized and sent. It seems like the jersey expects the POST to be either a list of MyItem (the one with the attribute List) or a list of MyOtherItem (the one with the attribute List). The code below shows what happens.
MyFunction( MyItem otherItem ) throws an IllegalArgumentException “List has more than one element. Expected: 1”
MyFunction( MyUser otherUser ) throws an IllegalArgumentException “List has more than one element. Expected: 1”

I have played around with entity converters

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Troll Xtreme

Troll Xtreme () is a 2014 Italian thriller film directed by Marco Bellocchio. It was screened in the Orizzonti section of the 64th Venice International Film Festival.


Giulio Demetri: Rikos
Stefania Rocca: Laura
Caterina Murino: Donatella Rizzolatti
Walter Catenacci: Mattia Maggio
Maria Fonte: Ciccio Civelli
Max Giusti: Stefano Verona
Gianfranco Aragon: Uno

See also
Cinema of Italy


External links

Category:2010s thriller films
Category:Italian films
Category:Films directed by Marco Bellocchio
Category:Films set in the 1970sThe moment of truth

As the final moment of my life drew near, I realized I had achieved nothing with my life, not even a good relationship with my only child. Just a sad, mediocre, empty life where I had created almost nothing of value and lived without purpose.

I grasped at the idea of a Higher Being. I wanted to believe that I had done something worthwhile, but the truth was that I was a selfish, useless human being who had spent most of his life living for himself. The truth was, I had failed as a husband, a father and a human being. I spent most of my life hating myself.

I was nearing the end of my life and I was terrified. I was scared of death. I had seen it in movies, and I had seen people die, and I believed that if I went to sleep, I would be unable to wake up, that I would never exist again. It terrified me. I had no belief in my own existence, and I had no belief that I would continue to exist.

I wanted to live. I wanted to go on living. I knew that the only way I could prove that I was still alive was by interacting with others. So I did. I talked to the doctor. I told him what medication I needed to take. I talked to the nurse about pain management. I went online and called the company who made my electronic medical device. Then I called my friends and told them what I was going through.

I decided to live.

As the moments of my life played in my mind, I thought about all the people and relationships

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