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 why we like it
We take a look at why we like Pin Up Casino in this review and online slots. Can you believe a casino in India only launched 10 years ago? But with a carefully managed portfolio of games that include over 700 exciting slots, and others such as live roulette and live dealer games, Pin Up Casino has stood the test of time and continues to provide its satisfied Indian customers with something a bit different.
A few reasons why we like Pin Up
Top online casino
You’ll notice the gaming interface speaks to the pin up casino’s timeless authentic approach. We love how the site is clean and sharp, reflecting the rather glamorous, sassy aura of the pin up casino brand.
Lots of bonuses
The online casino has to offer is filled to the brim, so we were delighted to discover we could use a variety of promotions to double, even triple, our winnings. You can get your first deposit bonus, called a Welcome Package. This offers a 100% match up to Rs 100, which is pretty good, considering the classic slots on offer can bring you back up to Rs 110 or more. A second bonus is also available for this first deposit, which will double your winnings up to another Rs 100. The best bit is that you can earn up to 100% bonus on your second deposit!
There are more than enough promotional opportunities to get you going. These include:
• Buy Win Payout
• Bonus on Referals
• Bills-Can Be Happy
• 50% up to 12000 on Big Wins
• 10% off wagering requirements
• 50% up to 10 times on promotional deposits
• refer-a-friend bonus
• refer-a-friend bonus
• refer-a-friend bonus
• refer-a-friend bonus
• refer-a-friend bonus
• refer-a-friend bonus
Plus the mobile casinos
These members get access to all the fun and games they’ve come to expect at Pin Up online casino. Just like the iPhone itself, mobile casino is the future of gaming. With it, they can login to the casino any time, any place, and can choose to make withdrawals at any time, by simply accessing and playing on the mobile casino platform.
Mobile casino is a hit
The casino delivers mobile casino in five languages, and now, it is available for

People often look down on casual sex, and it’s easy to see why. If someone came to you for advice on casual sex, you might inquire about safety concerns like condoms or STDs. But what about emotional and other well-being, something so often overlooked when casual sex is right around the corner? We’ve thought about it, and the many ways casual sex is different from other types of sex. We’ve also talked to professionals and sex therapists who can help you.
1. Casual sex vs. long-term relationships
When we think about what casual sex means, we have to think about the big picture. Here’s our definition: casual sex is short-term, non-committed, and doesn’t usually lead to more than one encounter (something as fun as it is is that casual sex can be about as easy to get out of as it is to get into, says psychologist turned sex therapist Patti Wood in her book Sex, Love & Healing. Although your casual partners might surprise you, they won’t ever become your sole sexual partners. Casual sex is, by nature, short term.
Remember, casual sex is casual. There is no obligation to hook up with your casual partners again. You don’t need to “be there” or “sleep with them” for them to enjoy it as much as you do. If you ever want a long-term sexual relationship, you can still have it with casual sex. However, casual sex isn’t the place to start a relationship — if you are a stranger or you aren’t compatible as friends, having sex with someone won’t make you good friends or make you easier to talk to. It will have to be a choice, but it can still be positive.
Also, there’s the feeling that you’re settling for someone “on a good day,” which means you’re getting casual sex without the context of true commitment. You’re not getting casual sex without staying up way too late, listening to most of your new friend’s boring stories, calling her when you both have work early in the morning, and then considering her a friend before you get in the shower. That’s way more work. Casual sex is fun because it is fun, not because there’s something big at stake.
We’re also sure you’ve heard stories of people getting hurt or even sexually assaulted during casual sex. When you use condoms or practice safe sex, that adds a layer of safety (which is always good), but the truth is that there are many reasons for non-cons


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