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Pacific Remastered Campaign Pack: Basic Mission Modding (Day 1)

Pacific Remastered Campaign Pack: Basic Mission Modding (Day 1)

Download 🗸 https://cinurl.com/2sdnnt


Battlestations Pacific Unlock All Units Mod Download

Battlestations Pacific Unlock All Units Mod is a mod that unlocks all the game units for free and faster in Battlestations: Pacific. It adds new skins to the game units and some extras to the other units of the game.

Just the regular units, which aren’t modified or remade.
It’s pretty easy to install, and you’ll just have to put the included files on the correct directory.


It’s possible. I found these links on Bungie’s forums, in a thread titled “Battlestations Pacific: Remastered Install Instructions”.
These are for those of you with Windows, OSX or Linux.
Link 1
Link 2
This is sort of an extensive tutorial of the mod. He also makes a nice video showing how to do it. He includes the new maps of the Advanced Warfe Pack.

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I just noticed a new security feature in Windows 10…

The new privacy policy

Battlestations Pacific Unlock All Units Mod Download
! Required: Battlestations Pacific .

BSI v.2.0 (first Release)
Original project from a friend of mine.
It’s missing most new game updates because I abandoned the mod and it lost funding. I think it’s still in the beta state and it will be updated at some point.
The current version: v.2.0.4 

Please give it a try if you like hard core strategy.

BSI v.1.2 (july 15th, 2011)
First release of Battlestations Pacifics’s history map, World War 2. After that I abandoned my mod, and new updates have not been made since late August 2011.

BSI v.1.0 (july 10th, 2011)
Initial Public Release.

Updated at March 2016 by jaytaytay

BSI v.1.1 – “Storming the beaches of Okinawa”

New interface for the game: all missions are included in the “Missions” folder on the main map

New options menu: All unit types and their attributes are adjustable

Instead of individual missions and even islands, players can play the various parts of Battlestations Pacific together in “Campaigns”

The campaign mode has a tutorial mission, and you can choose the race your battleship belong to. The other “Campaign” races are extremely slow and boring but have to be played at least once

There are six missions per campaign for a total of 126 missions.

All the maps of Battlestations Pacific are included in this mod.

This mod also contains a “Build Mode” toolkit which allows you to create custom maps and missions and to adjust everything.
The map designs are done by the excellent free program Digital Coast.

After the release I have realized I screwed up and the initial version was way too hard, more about this here.

March 2018
BSI v.1.1 – Update 1

Updated at July 25th, 2017 by BSModProject

BSI v.1.1 – Update 2

Updated at August 2nd, 2017 by BSModProject

BSI v.1.1 – Update 3

Updated at September 5th, 2017 by BSModProject

BSI v.1.0 – Game Added

Updated at July 1st,


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