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You have used the wrong kind of Query in the 2nd SELECT.
Query 2 is supposed to run on the content in the SPORT_MOVIES table. You should have run another SELECT query, which SELECTs from the SPORT_MOVIES table and saves the content of that SELECT result in a temporary table, which then is used as input to the 2nd SELECT in your trigger.
Assuming you have a (simple) table:
(id int NOT NULL
, fname varchar(100)
, lname varchar(100)

You can use this Query:
, fname
, lname
FROM demo1
INTO #tmpdemo1

FROM demo1
INTO #tmpdemo2

Once you have the data in #tmpdemo2, you can use it as input in a query like this:
, lname
FROM #tmpdemo2
fname =’myfname’
AND lname =’mylname’

I hope this helps you to understand why this works.

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Medical parameters

Ultrasonic analyzer is used to determine:

Water, fat, protein and other substances in meat and meat product as well as other products.

Conducts tests of microbiological nature and determines the changes in bacterial population during storage.

Determines the duration of shelf life and determines shelf life.

Screening of the presence of chemical impurities in food substances.

Screening the presence of additives, preservatives, colorants and other substances.

Continuous monitoring of the status of food and packaging during storage.

Thin films and

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What does ‘holding’ mean in the following sentence?

• Resources that are available on the Internet. – The web is full of information that you can use for any purpose.
Is holding here the same as reading?


Yes, this is the same.

Resources that are available on the Internet.


Resources that you can use online.

This is similar to:

The web is full of information


The Internet is full of information.

The XX Factor is a new psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis research initiative in translational studies that will develop new treatments for psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis that will also be effective for those with related diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

XX Factor members can conduct their own research or become involved with existing studies around the world. Learn more at www.xxfactor.org

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