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LOGistICAL 2: France is a large open-world, strategy, puzzle game where you transport different cargoes to complete all the towns throughout the country.
Package includes:
LOGistICAL 2: France
LOGistICAL 2: Tuvalu (FREE L2 tutorial)
LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (FREE)
LOGistICAL: Tutorial
LOGistICAL: Isle of Man (FREE)
LOGistICAL: Xmas 2017 (FREE)
LOGistICAL: ABC Islands (FREE)
LOGistICAL 2: France has a strong focus on the puzzling aspects of LOGistICAL and takes you back to the non-business town-only playing strategies of LOGistICAL 1 while retaining the high resolution road systems of LOGistICAL 2.
Over 3500 towns and 50 businesses to complete.
Each LOGistICAL module has many unique things to do. In LOGistICAL 2: France you can:
Fix roads to towns throughout the complex road system.
Most trucks sizes fit on all the roads, even with cargo.
There are lots of quarantine zones.
Some regions don’t allow building any industries.
Complex LOGistICAL puzzle solving around the quarantines.
Roads to towns are all of the highest quality, so don’t need upgrading.
Find some of the industries throughout the map. Upgrade them so you can build your own.
13 new industries and 13 new resources.
Over 150 industries from over 180 industry types.
Truck boosts include a super speed multiplier.
Module includes contracts to complete for those not knowing just where to start.
Businesses don’t consume resources.
Businesses have a static score this is not based on trucks sizes or amounts.
NEW: Information button to show details about any town.
NEW: Information button to show details some of the businesses.
Pre-rendering of the maps (35km and greater) to bitmap to speed up the game play when zoomed out.
LOGistICAL 2 brings you all the fun and puzzling of LOGistICAL with even more towns, more puzzles and much more to do.
This LOGistICAL 2: France module brings you over 3500 towns to complete.
LOGistICAL 2: France game covers the country of France including cities like Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and many, many more.
There are many new obstacles and deliveries to make.
LOGistICAL Summary
The whole game is a huge puzzle while


Features Key:

  • we have created an awesome collection of western themed bandits who can help you like sherifs
  • each bandit can be a good or bad helper
  • manage your estate and hire new outlaws
  • land improvements and homestead improvements
  • License Information

    • You must activate your game once you download it.
    • You can install it on up to 3 separate devices as long as they don’t already have the same game installed.

    of the Old West
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    ]]>Sorcerer the Barbarian Game Key Features:

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    Sunshine Manor is a point and click adventure game for Microsoft Windows, OSX, Linux and android devices. Situated in a hospital located in the dark side of America, Marge is a middle-aged wife and mother who experiences a vision of a beautiful house in the woods, complete with a pool and manicured gardens. Since the vision came to her in a dream, she sets out on a journey to find and take her to her beautiful home.
    Key Features:
    Unique retro-fuelled synthwave soundtrack
    Ground breaking, beautifully-designed point and click adventure
    Fixed-time locked doors
    Actors in colourful card-style cutscenes and non-scripted comedic dialogue
    Marge in unique 3D environment with real time shadows
    Seamlessly integrated to the game. No loading times between cutscenes
    If you enjoy the game please consider leaving a review and rating. Every rating makes a big difference and helps others to discover games they’ll enjoy!
    Critical acclaim from press:
    “This is a return to a kind of intense, cartooned storytelling that is rewarding to play through and nostalgically alluring.” – Jim Rossignol, Siliconera
    “One of the most unusual and enjoyable adventure titles on the market.” – Panda OfficeQ:

    Angular 2: removing ng-click directive

    I want to use a normal button instead of a with an onclick inside it. Is it possible to just remove the ng-click directive somehow, so the JS function is not called when the user clicks it?

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    openModal(type) {
    templateUrl: ‘/views/create/’ + type,
    controller: ‘CreateModalController’,
    size: ‘lg’


    You can make the ng-click null:


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    You are an animal living in a northern desert of Africa. Warm and restless nature await you in this beautiful region where freezing winds and a soft soil alternate with fiery dunes.
    Tired of civil wars, you will need to embrace the power of the wild and shake off the demons hiding in your subconscious.
    A new life – a new world – a new continent awaits you!
    Enlist in a fast-paced turn-based strategy game with RPG elements and multiple endings. Play as the leader of a four-person group of dinosaurs in the Land of Oasis. Together, you and your team will take part in an epic story of different regions and environments.
    New creatures, improvements to existing ones and tactical decisions will be at your fingertips in this living world.
    Lead your animal team through a series of procedurally generated levels.
    Perform useful actions and carry out special tasks to obtain unique items and power-ups.
    Collect coins during battles and spend them on different jobs and actions: repair, upgrades, speeding up of creatures and much more.
    Complete objectives to level up, survive and grow as a character, but beware! Killing any of your teammates will make them leave.
    Fight back your inner demons by overcoming the traps, lost comrades, and wild beasts of the desert.
    Play the game of your life and walk in the footsteps of the dinosaurs. Learn to lead animals with the same skills as you.
    Control your team with a second player mode.
    Manage every aspect of your characters’ life: feed, water, warm them up, protect them and do much more.
    Features of the DLC :
    – New dinosaur family – Triceratops
    – Hunting – Triceratops
    – New character – Oasis
    – 3 new soundtrack for the main menu
    – 3 new tracks from the new game
    More Info :
    Buy the game on Google Play
    Follow our website:



    What’s new in NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Tenshouki With Power Up Kit HD Version:

    , Episode 25: Environmental Hell

    Welcome to Episode 25 of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, the modern fantasy adventure about a cloud catcher who has to report back to her village so they can determine if she is an adversary or an ally for the forces under Lord Nalodan, high commander of the Nebulites.

    Desire is a strange thing, and ultimately against the laws of nature, if we do not respect it – it will consume us. This is why they are often referred to as unruly children, and not really amenable to control or restraint.

    Light Shine, Lord Nalodan! Perhaps you don’t hear, but the voice of many, many more voices urge you to perfection and perfectionism in your performance of your duties. I speak out of my love of your children, your family, my beloved Nebulites.

    I speak out of the hope that through your actions you will be capable of keeping his Eternal Beaming Sun at the center of the universe unblemished.

    I speak from my anger, Lord Nalodan, because in many ways my passion for perfection was stifled by your impotence in attaining the goals you set yourself long ago. You promised that you would be vigilant in our support, and yet you gave free rein in North America to the pirate, Rhym. He roamed freely as if we were at war with the Continentals and he a marauding band of pirates. Sir Rory Ventiera sulked in his miserable island until I publicly turned a Light Fling on his during the Grand Job Fair, and he seemed to instantly be capable of doing whatever needed to be done, despite his injury. We recently learned that after his capture he was kept as a pet for months by a poor family in California, and not only could he not be recovered, he was murdered by his owner for being a nuisance.

    Nalodan, you are the leader of our people.

    You are the leader of our people.

    You are the leader of our people.

    Are you listening, Lord Nalodan?

    You are the leader of our people.

    What is your answer?

    We are so proud of you, Nalodan. We are so proud of you. Your son is proving to be a talented commander. And his potential for leadership is tremendous.

    There shall be celebration when he leads the Nebulites to victory over Garin, the Conquer


    Download NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Tenshouki With Power Up Kit HD Version Crack + Full Version [Mac/Win] [Latest-2022]

    “Obliteracers” is a rock ‘n’ roll-infused 2D sidescrolling action shooter with a world full of dangerous obstacles, self-destructing arenas, and hordes of freaky adversaries. Explore eight different levels across three musical worlds: Memphis, Space and Neo-Tokyo. Now, you can kick-start your soundtrack collection with the new Obliteracers Original Soundtrack!
    Doesn’t it feel good to have finally blown up that rocket booster from your Evasive Maneuvering System? Does it feel better to be able to save a dear one from a rocket explosion? We hope you feel like a bad ass in this brutal 2D sidescroller. Take aim and fly through your enemies with speed and style, and explode everything in your path! Get your soundtrack in your Steam content folder now!

    Key features
    – More than 120 original tracks
    – eight unique levels
    – Three game-modes (Story, Arcade and Challenge)
    – Two difficulty settings (Noob and Expert)
    – Unique 2D graphics
    – Aviators, triluminos, and widescreen support
    – Tons of effects such as Thruster, Camera Shake, Roll, Frost, Fire and Lightning
    – Unlockable bonuses including Oculus Rift support and New Game Plus
    – 2 player co-op

    Contact Information

    The Otherworld Agency:

    Game message board:

    How to read json in react app

    Using react-router-dom, I’m trying to pass some information from component to another component with this.props but the app is crashing and I cant get any information from the error.
    This is the code:
    Add list.js
    import React, { Component } from’react’;

    export default class List extends Component {

    render() {
    return (

    {this.props.thelist.map((item, idx) => {
    return {item.nombre}


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  • Shared Drive Writable: If you find it difficult to gain access to the game’s files, don’t sweat it. Changing the shared drive to allow write access
    to the game’s folder is a bit of a pain. It is possible but you will need to know your way around Windows, and the exact steps to follow depending on your Windows version.
    That’s because the game is hosted on a secured Windows server; you simply need to change a couple of settings.

  • Auto-update: If you download an expansion pack and run the update, you could be on to a rotten experience. The game has auto-updating disabled by default;

    Make sure the game has auto-updating set to “autoupdate” or any other update available options. If you install an expansion pack,

    you must wait for the game to run it’s own. If you choose to auto-update, it’s not difficult. The only potential snag is if you are on

    a vanilla server or if your client’s files are overwritten.

  • Profile: For some reason, you can’t make your own, but you can choose the character the game starts you off as. Useful for beginners.
  • Local Files:You can’t use this tool whilst connected to the internet. Your files are stored on the server automatically, there is no option in the game to download

    to be used locally.


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