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Nfs Carbon No Cd Dvd Crack ~UPD~

Nfs Carbon No Cd Dvd Crack ~UPD~


Nfs Carbon No Cd Dvd Crack

The crack propagation in I2 was stopped with different behaviours as the load was increased (Fig. 6b). At low strain, the crack halted when it reached the edge of the specimen (Fig. 6b, [4], with the load of ~4.2 mN). This behaviour is consistent with the FEM calculation using a smaller interfibre tensile strength (Fig. 5a) because the crack did not grow past a critical size at the crack initiation site. However, for the FEM simulations with a larger interfibre tensile strength, the cracks sometimes propagated beyond the edge of the specimen (Fig. 5c ). Furthermore, the crack growth in the opposite direction was not affected by the load in specimen I2 (Fig. 6c). This finding suggests that the effect of preventing crack propagation does not occur when the crack initiation and crack propagation occur in the same direction. Rather, this effect could occur for another dimension and an opposite direction. We have therefore concluded that the effect can be used as a stress relieving technique to protect the specimens.

In addition to the location-dependent crack initiation process, it is also of great interest to observe crack propagation in CFRP composites. An in-plastic crack occurs when the crack length exceeds the plastic thickness at the crack tip (Fig. 3be ). For the crack tip, the fibre/plastic interface deforms plastically along the crack front, producing a V-shape (Fig. 2) (black box). Under applied stress, the crack length ultimately exceeded the plastic thickness, and the cracks extended in the Z-direction (red triangles, Fig. 4e ). As a result, the cracks did not propagate in the plane of the fibre/plastic interface, but instead propagated along the boundary of the plastic thickness measured ~500nm, such as, the yellow dotted lines in Fig. 4d. This phenomenon is termed micropore coalescence and has been previously observed in CFRP composites2, 36 and in metals 37 and ceramics 37 . In the present study, the micropore coalescence phase was observed only on the crack propagation front but not at the crack initiation front owing to the relatively short observation time frame. These findings indicated that damage accumulates at the crack tip during the crack initiation process and that micropore coalescence occurs from damage at the crack tip, which is a useful approach for evaluating the stress distribution in the CFRP composite at the crack tip. This in-plastic crack process appears to be related to the fibres’ micropore sizes and the surrounding matrix, which are yet to be determined in future studies.

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