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The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) said today that supermarkets are the worst enemy of the Australian economy.

The organisation said it would be planning to increase its campaign to ban supermarkets from sucking up to Governments and increasing the price of basic commodities.

“We are fully aware of how important it is to produce ‘cheap, good and abundant food’ and treat the most vulnerable and less fortunate in our society with compassion.

“But why aren’t those sentiments extended to the bigger supermarkets?

“Why can’t they do more to ensure that prices of our basic commodities, such as dairy, fruit, vegetables and meat, keep us from bankrupting ourselves, along with our already struggling farmers?

“Supermarkets are the worst enemy of our economy.”

Read the full story at news.com.auAD

“We know that ISIS hates America, and we are committed to confronting them on every front,” the president said at the event at the White House. “But Americans need to know it’s dangerous to make America less safe by exchanging one dictator for another.”


Kushner brought two more senior officials who have been involved in the president’s closest dealings with foreign leaders, Fiona Hill and Joel Benen, with him. In the dark-paneled NSC in a basement at the White House, the staff sat in a semicircle around a

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