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Membership of the Association is open to all people living in Gambia who agree to conform to the purpose, principles and method of the Scout Movement and pay a subscription fee as determined by The National Scout Council and approved by The General Assembly from time to time.

Membership shall be in the following categories:

a. Scouts

Young people who have taken the promise according to the Scout Sections, and belong to these age groups:

  1. Beaver Scouts –        4 to 6 years
  2. Cub Scouts –        7 to 11 years
  3. Scouts –        12 to 15 years
  4. Venture Scouts –        16 to 18 years
  5. Rover Scouts –        19 to 26 years

b. Adult Leaders

Men and women who are above 18 years of age, who actively participate in the education of young people or in the management of the Association at group, district, region or national level, are registered and issued with a warrant or letter of appointment by the Association and have taken the Scout Promise.


c. Stakeholders

Friends or Supporters of Scouts who are individuals or groups who help to further the Scout Movement and they do not make the Scout Promise, have no voting rights.

d. Honorary Members

  1. The General Assembly at an Annual Meeting shall confer honorary membership on persons who have given outstanding service to Scouting.
  2. Honorary members have no executive powers, though they may be called upon by the Council, if needed to provide advice on different matters of the Association that may need their inputs and experience. Honorary members have no voting rights.

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