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Mayuri Telugu Movie Download 720p _VERIFIED_

Mayuri Telugu Movie Download 720p _VERIFIED_


Mayuri Telugu Movie Download 720p

Seeing the teaser from the last episode of season 2 of Date A Live made me really excited for the coming movie. I got more excited when the official trailer came out. When I saw the trailer, I expected there’s gonna be a whole lot on this movie and that it may answer some few plot holes from the anime series. But the time came when I watched it, it was very far from what I expected. The animation was so-so. They didn’t put much effort into the art of the movie. The story is a little tedious. It felt like the story in this movie could’ve been the plot for the anime’s season 3. In some times it’s not entertaining. Although I noticed that there’s almost no fanservice here. Weird. All in all it’s not good. In conclusion, Date a Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement could’ve been the season 3 of the anime. It’s not worthy to be a movie. Don’t expect much from this movie.

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