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Embark upon a true epic adventure of epic proportions in this retro styled RPG/Platformer combo.

Sword of the Necromancer is a retro styled Action/RPG that brings together real-time combat, with puzzles and platforming elements, to create a fun and challenging game that won’t disappoint. There are many things to do but as always, no two games are the same.

The game is open world, meaning that you can go wherever you like and do whatever you like.The game features lots of adventures to undertake, puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover. It has a story-line that develops as you go, but no matter how far you play and how long you play, the game will be different every time, as it features a very high level of replayability.

A massive world to explore, cast spells, journey into the depths of caverns, battle hideous creatures and rescue your princess.

This is what the game has to offer.

The Game Features:

● Perform combat skills, cast powerful spells or pick up your sword and go on an epic adventure!● Fight monsters, solve riddles, solve puzzles, rescue the damsel in distress and go on an epic adventure!● Explore a vast world, explore dungeons and save the princess!● Open world game, where your choices will affect the world as you move along.● Real-time combat, choosing your attacks and applying your skills.● The game has a plot with story-line, characters, endings and different game playing experiences with every game.● Multiplayer game, playing in LAN or online.● A wide variety of enemies and bosses to fight against, with unique abilities and patterns.● Play the game with a mouse and keyboard! The game has a “retro” theme and artwork, so you are sure to be immersed by the gameplay and the art.● A user friendly interface, with one of the best graphics of the genre.● Multiple difficulty levels, with a game for everyone!● Beautiful soundtrack, fully composed, with over 50 songs.

Dragon’s Tale® A tale of woe and wonder: the dark skies of Valldarn are silent. This is a land where dragons once flourished, but of late, the land’s last dragon has gone missing. The Mage of Kewling – a feared wizard – has gone on a quest to find the missing Dragon, but it is a perilous journey. Now it is up to the player


Features Key:

  • 200+ playgrounds to play, collect coins, blast bombs, and other monsters.
    You are in control of how long your adventure will be.
  • Now this game has a realistic look and feel with sound effects and background music.

Benefits of Open Source game.

  • Branch version support.
  • Every user can play on his device freely. Free software can be yours.


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You are the exiled king of Sabretooth, the one creature on this planet you can’t defeat. Your people are growing restless, and now they’ve taken all your soldiers with them. It’s time to take the fight to the enemy. Destroy their weird plant friends, and get back on the throne!

But the work isn’t done yet! Your army will need a new uniform if they’re to defeat the enemy quickly, so now is the time to scour the land for some Sabretooth armor! But Sabretooth Armor is rare, and not everyone can just start looking for armor willy-nilly. You need a plan to get Sabretooth armor to your people. You need…PLATYPUS ADVENTURES!

And it’s time to get to work!

If you enjoyed the Sabretooth story, then you’ll want to play our sister game, Platypus Adventures, as well! The story is about a platypus named Chuck who travels the world to get Sabretooth armor for his people.

Chunks of Sabretooth can be combined in many different ways to make something new, like an arm!

Players can import their characters from the official Sabretooth series.

Players can also import characters from our sister game, Platypus Adventures, which is about a platypus named Chuck who travels the world to collect Sabretooth armor for his people.

Platypus Adventures is a collection of random maps which contain brand new stories for Chuck. The game will be released episodically, with new maps every few weeks. You’ll only need to play one of the maps to keep up with what happens in the story.

I have a lot of ideas for games, and I want to see them come to fruition. Right now I am working on a game called the Sabretooth Series, and I think it is going to be a ton of fun. As you saw from the video, it is a game based off the Sabretooth comic book series, and it is going to be a completely different style of game than what you would expect from a game like this. The Story of the Sabretooth series takes place in a city called Gardony, which was founded and populated by creatures called Meta/Humanoids.

These creatures were created from a group of genetically engineered creatures named the Meta. The Meta have technology which allows for them to manipulate matter and energy into art


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The roadworks simulator is an add-on for the popular 2D vehicle road builder gamesroadworks simulator v1.0. the roadworks simulator is one of the most high quality road builder game in the gaming industry with many quality features. game play the roadworks simulator is a mix of 2d and 3d game play that will give you hours of fun and playability, the roadworks simulator contains 27 unique vehicles which are based on real world vehicles and have many features such as road builders which allows you to create custom roadscapes. graphics that are available in the game are professional road graphics you can play the roadworks simulator at any time anywhere there are no server or internet connection requirements or dependency. The roadworks simulator is the perfect game for all ages and skill levels.Features include:game play contains a variety of landscapes that are a unique mix of architectural realism and a graphical quality such as heat maps, depth map and shadows, and are an example of some of the most cutting edge road work simulation effects in the world. Designing the roads of your dreams in a game like the roadworks simulator is so easy to do it’s addictive.Roadworks Simulator is fully customizable and is totally free to play with any customizations you wish to do.RSS FEEDS AVAILABLE FOR THE ROADWORKS SIMULATOR TO KNOW THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS OF THE GAME CURRENTLY AND FOR FUTURE UPDATES. ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

Come on world road building game!Every road construction and maintenance game needs a road construction game, and here is one. That’s roadworks simulator v1.0. if you like to play a road construction and maintenance game this is the game for you, however you need to check out this game now! The game has been around for a while now and was just released as a beta for iOS version. The roadworks simulator v1.0 is currently for testing and should be up and running soon, so check back! In the meantime, have fun and keep your eyes on this game!Features:The game is a mix of 2d and 3d game play that will give you hours of fun and playability, the roadworks simulator contains 27 unique vehicles which are based on real world vehicles and have many features such as road builders which allows you to create custom roadscapes. real world and 2d graphics that are available in the game are professional road graphics you can play the roadworks simulator at any time anywhere there


What’s new:

” by “Ludo” [Download]

“The spring-flowering early tropics of America present a special challenge to a Koi-Koi enthusiast. Those intrepid souls who take up the challenge find a great deal of pleasure and great pride in their successes. Ingested Koi-Koi “Livestock” increases the hunger of Koi-Koi, feeding as well as the spread of Koi-Koi sperm. Koi-Koi “Herald” disperses copies of itself. The more Koi-Koi, the more Koi-Koi “Livestock”. (The orange Koi-Koi “Livestock” cannot breed with orange Koi-Koi on the same square. To prevent Koi-Koi “Livestock” from breeding with other Koi-Koi “Livestock” you must get the “Elective” Koi-Koi. The “Elective” needs to be a Koi-Koi of the same species as the other Koi-Koi. You can force breed “Elective” and “Herald” with the “Herald” trait.)” by “black on thick snow” [Download]

“To heal a Koi-Koi cut you must smoosh it! [Credit to your imagination] the smoosh heals most Koi-Koi cuts, but if you are using the Miracle Skin effect, or the Warmth effect, this mod help you out quite a bit.” by “TatraE” [Download]

“A divorce (artificial Koi-Koi spawn) prevents Koi-Koi breeding with other Koi-Koi. A divorce koi-koi increases the hunger, hunger rate, and the age for the Koi-Koi. Should a divorce be prevented, the child of a divorce koi-koi has no parent. Kid: toFingerSkins: True, so long as all its parents have not lost the trait.” by “Cosmic” [Download]

“Illustrated – The Art of Koi-Koi” by “Hangover” [Download]


















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A new era begins for the Italian horror videogame sector with a point and click video game based on a traditional concept of Italian horror, inspired by the works of Cesare Danova, Mario Bava and Dario Argento.
The Horror of Salazar House is a gameplay that covers in a minimalist fashion the traditional horror thriller in which the player has a starring role. The game is a poetic journey based on the supernatural and light-hearted narrative, blending the free word with the game.
As the player explores the narration, the horror and the atmosphere of the game will make you suspect that the narration is not at all what it seems, and that it conceals a horrific secret.
This game is different: it is a light-hearted, horror-filled point and click adventure game about a haunted and twisted mansion that hides a frightening secret, where the story is an interactive experience with you.
The main storyline will lead you through abandoned levels, to mysterious corridors, rooms and an imposing stairway.
The move is back in the house that used to belong to a well known author.
The building is surrounded by mystery, because more than thirty years ago an unfortunate accident led to the disappearance of the main characters of Jaime Salazar, the novelist known for his famous and controversial book called “The tale of Andrés”.
Shocking twists and sinister theories will suggest to the player that the house holds a terrifying secret, which will become clear with further exploration, while the secrets hidden around your will also become clear with time.
The good old point and click gameplay
Want to get rid of the static backgrounds and the fixed camera view? The game includes an option to change the camera direction to free roam the area.
With this option, the player will be free to explore the narration and learn more about the events that led to Andres Salazar’s disappearance.
Although the game is in a point and click genre, all the levels are logical and evident, with no room for any hidden object.
From this reason, players will be able to grasp the movement and jump with almost no special effort, thanks to the availability of different keys.
The combination of these keys will be essential to deal with the events that will surprise the player.
Furthermore, some parts of the game includes a puzzle, “the dungeon” that can make for a challenge to some players.
Time to learn what will be?
The best way to learn about all the secrets of the game is through a hand-


How To Crack Mathomatics:

  • 1.Run “THE LAST BLADE 2.exe” or “THE LAST BLADE 2Setup.exe” as administrator.
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  • 3.Select installation in “Setup[yourdrive]Install/” window
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    and click “Play” to play the game.
  • 5.Help [& Instructions]can be viewed at “Setup[yourdrive]Help/“.
  • Enjoy!




    System Requirements For Mathomatics:

    PC Windows
    Mac OS X
    An internet connection is needed in order to access the game
    Your Operating System: Windows
    Minimum resolution: 1280×720
    Minimum RAM: 1 GB
    Recommended RAM: 2 GB
    Minimum CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Intel Core i5
    Recommended CPU: Intel Core i7
    Minimum: 2 GB
    Recommended: 8 GB
    Minimum: 16 GB
    Recommended: 32 GB



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