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Luminous Arc 3 Translation Patchl

Luminous Arc 3 Translation Patchl

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Luminous Arc 3 Translation Patchl

as part of the presentation, inti creates announced luminous avenger ix 3 would be receiving an additional episode on the switch. the game was released worldwide on the 27th of january, 2022, and the switch version of the game was announced at e3 2019, with the game’s artwork shown on the show floor.

development on luminous arc 3 was completed by inti creates during the 2020 winter holidays. the game was developed on the unity game engine, and made its first presentation at the game developers conference 2020 in san francisco on march 20th, 2020.

the game’s first dlc, the “call of duty mode” downloadable content, was released on october 4, 2019. it contains ten new characters, and is made possible by a new system that unlocks characters when certain conditions are met in the game. in this dlc, several characters are now voiced by celebrity voice actors: shinichi ishihara as dr. wily, hiro shimono as dr. eggman, rie kugimiya as faye valentine, hiroki suzuki as simon belmont, risa taneda as lana, and yuri arai as sonic the hedgehog. additionally, the story mode’s ending will change in order to make it more clear that the characters are the future selves of the story’s main characters, a concept the game has also implemented to the game’s prequel, luminous arc 1.

the fourth and final patch of the luminous arc 3 translation patchl series has now been released, leaving only one episode remaining in the series. it features the release of the second episode of the game, luminous avenger ix 2 .

i’m excited to announce that the second patch of the luminous arc 3 translation patchl series is now available! this patch features the release of the second episode of the game, luminous avenger ix 2 .


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