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Looking Forward To Meeting You Casual 🟤

If there is anything that our society has become increasingly comfortable with as of late, it is casual sex. From TV shows like Girls and Sex and the City to a multitude of dating apps to endless sex-focused blogs, the mere mention of “hooking up” can evoke a wide range of emotions from desire to dread. The fact that most cultures in history have established monogamy, sexual encounter is not only frowned upon but can be lethal, I mean the Spanish Flu killed over 100 million people a mere 77 years ago.
One explanation for this is that in modern culture, we have become acclimated to a decrease in moral core values and eventually an increase in permissiveness in our relationships with one another. By this, I mean that it is ok for things of a sexual nature to be freely traded among friends with the expectation that it remains non-exclusive. While this is true, we can also reduce the severity of the consequences that arise from it. This may sound contradictory, but it isn’t, because it is okay for you to be sexually active; however, what you do is up to you.
Even the creators of Tinder realized that their app could become an unintended gateway to casual sex — back when they were developing the app, its co-founder Whitney Wolfe told Fast Company that the team wanted it to be “a time saver” for horny people. They wanted casual sex to be as easy and painless as Tinder was for dating.
So what does casual sex look like? According to the Princeton Review, it looks like sex. You know, when people do that. They’re not dirty; they’re not lascivious. They’re not promiscuous. They aren’t flaunting their bodies; they’re not talking about it. And they definitely aren’t doing it in my living room. We’re all adults here.
But before you rush to the nearest app, consider the options that are available to you. If you just want a little bit of action, sites like Craigslist and Seeking Arrangement can help you find casual sex in your area. You can also try your local Starbucks or bar where you know that the staff are more discreet than the hookup-oriented bars and clubs.
Does it have to be that way though? Sex.com is a dating website that allows its members to create profiles, swipe through each other, and create a list of potential hookups. But once
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Casual sex as a form of “hooking up” with someone or something is a concept that seems new, modern, and exciting. But before you begin to book a night with the taxi driver or the hot new coworker, consider the prospect of casual sex and how it may have affected your health.

About Casual Sex

Casual sex is all about taking advantage of sex you don’t really want and still feeling good. If you take care of yourself, casual sex can definitely be healthy — it depends on how you go about it. More than that, there are certain forms of casual sex that can be incredibly beneficial to your health.

In fact, other than the occasional infatuation or one-night-stand, casual sex can be a real gateway to sexual wellness. And with the new apps and casual encounter platforms out there, finding sex with someone you’re not dying for isn’t a problem any more.

The New Casual Sex

We’re talking to and around sex as a way to meet people and connect with them, and that applies to casual sex just as it does to dating. Casual sex is neither uncomfortable nor shameful, and it is a form of sex that is more about feelings than just genitals. In fact, when you’re getting sex on a casual date or with a casual sex partner, it’s very easy to feel yourself opening up and letting go. The chemistry, the laughter, the sharing of secrets — all of that is part of casual sex, and it is fun to experience, actually.

Although it’s pretty common for us to find ourselves in situations that are more “casual” than we’re comfortable with, it’s good to know that it’s possible to be in great shape and feel great without having to jump into anything casual.

The Health Benefits of Casual Sex

It may surprise you to know that casual sex has some health benefits. Though many people dread the idea of having casual sex, there are some great health benefits to it — both in terms of sexual health and overall well-being. It could be that some of the issues you have that make you feel anxious about sex are actually due to low levels of T. So when it’s time to make that change and meet a new companion, you should do it with a positive attitude and at least a little curiosity.

Casual sex will give you some new emotions to work through, but they’ll be positive ones. Of course, if you’re already in a healthy relationship with


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