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Soil texture is of major importance to selecting the proper technique for sampling the soil and calculating soil properties. It is also a guide to the general appearance of the soil. The particles make up the soil matrix and they determine what the soil can and cannot do. The particle size and shape, density, and hydrophobicity determine the soil’s ability to resist water and its ability to retain it (or move it). If the particles are too small (silty), water percolates easily through the soil matrix and moves rapidly and easily away from the soil surface. If the particles are too large, water cannot move between them. It is trapped, and soil “clods” or “lumps” that are too large can prevent soil from draining and will leave standing water.

Soil porosity or permeability is a measure of the amount of water (or gas) that can move through the soil matrix. A high porosity indicates that the soil allows water to move relatively easily through it, and a low porosity means that it does not allow water to move quickly through it. There are many ways to measure soil permeability and permeability classes are given as a standard range of permeability values.

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An awesome new S&P 500 Beta Update includes all the coins and. The signals received for of the many hundreds of companies in. and ratio for major sectors. Use every signal as a strategy to take action.. Charts, News, & Research like no other industry.. Learn all the data the stock market has to offer in one place.Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Religious minorities in India face high levels of discrimination

A Hindu nationalist lobby group has released a disturbing video showing women in India being subjected to humiliating and in some cases violent treatment.

The video was published by VHP, a group closely associated with the Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), or World Hindu Council.

The footage shows a man using both his hands and a hammer to squeeze women against a wall and slaps them repeatedly.

The women, who have their faces concealed, appear to be crying out in protest.

The video was reportedly shot in a village in Raigarh, a region in India’s western state of Chhattisgarh.

RSS, which has been accused by human rights groups of promoting violent nationalism, has been seen by some as a forerunner of the far-right political group with similar views, the BJP.

The group said it had no involvement in the video but it received permission from the village sarpanch, or village head, to publish it.

The women in the video, apparently minor offenders, have their faces covered with a red turban but their bodies are clearly visible.

One of them is seen being dragged towards the camera as a man can be heard shouting: “Get your hands off her, leave her alone.”

He tries to remove her scarf – which according to some news reports is an indication of anti-social behaviour.

Another woman is forced to stand up by leaning on a heavy object and her legs are placed in front of her and touched by her tormentor.

This is followed by a second video of the man using the same tactics to strike another young woman.

The release of the video comes amid a wave of tensions between two communities in the country following the latest death in police custody of a leading member of the largely Muslim minority of the northwestern state of Punjab.

A Muslim mob reacted violently to news of the death of Sarabjit Singh, a man serving a life sentence for a role in a bomb attack against Indian security


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