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Ivory Yamaha Studio C7 Lite Package Piano VST Update Ivory V1.64

Ivory Yamaha Studio C7 Lite Package Piano VST Update Ivory V1.64

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Ivory Yamaha Studio C7 Lite Package Piano VST Update Ivory V1.64

On a side note I want to mention on the Yamaha C7 I bought. I cant stand the “stuff” of the “Grand Piano” sound. Like the closer I get to the speakers, the more I start to realize the sound doesnt sound like the real thing. I mean its pleasant but not truly authentic. It also sounds very mechanical to me. I hear the “Grand Piano” sound all the time as it really simulates a nice acoustic piano. I already know how to adjust the piano sound, so Im not chasing after perfection, but at the same time I dont think the “Grand Piano” sound is really representative of the piano. Its great for the masses, but I like the authentic sound of the Yamaha C7 built in speakers.

Now for the full priced pianos, the Garritan Abbey Road CFX is really nice. I bought the package with the keyboard (RFX), the Ribbon, and a number of sampler patches. Once again, the ribbon is really cool and very flexible. With the ribbon you have a plethora of options. You can adjust everything from the left and right ribbon to the pitch bend axis. With that being said, it gives you the customization you want without sacrificing what was the inspiration behind it. You can roll back and forth easily without moving your hands from the keyboard. This is important because, like I said, the piano is for those who really want to personalize the experience!

Interesting re: USB Audio Interface for digital pianos – this is a feature that Yamaha has included in some of their newer products, including some Roland products, for instance. This is basically the same as using a digital piano’s internal audio interface, but its also connects via USB, which allows you to connect several other USB devices as well. Such as additional foot-pedals or expression pedals, or even a synth (or a host) connected to a USB port.


Free Ivory Grand Piano 1.0. Col de la Cruz, Huerta de las Calzadas, Arroyo de la Muerta, Sierra de Tejuc. 4.36 / ZAADA-1.4.0-64 bit for Windows & Mac OS X.
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Now that the 1.0.6 has been released, keep an eye out for the 1


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