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Internet Download Manager 6.20 Key Generator Free Download. This latest version of IDM (6.18) has resolved issues with 1080p HD video recognition in your PC.. Hi, this is a re-pack for IDM v6.18 build 12.This week, the Turkish-Iranian border remains closed to foreigners.

On the Syrian side, a state of emergency has been declared, as the Turkish army rumbles and artillery fire continues.

But though refugees cross the border continuously, and the fighting between Turkey and Syria continues, Iranian border guards have now opened the frontier to its citizens to help them cross.

There are concerns of a military escalation, in particular with the arrival of Turkish tanks and artillery on the border.

And last week, US President Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden declared that the US was prepared to provide some air support to forces on the ground in Syria.

This week, ABC’s Barbara Walters interviewed Doree Shafiqullah and David Siegel for ‘This Week with Barbara Walters’.

Learn more in the video above and read an excerpt of our interview below.

Barbara Walters: Why would the Iranians open the border to Syrians?

Doree Shafiqullah: The US aid and the assistance that they’re providing to the Syrian opposition is part of a campaign that they have, to essentially to remove Assad from power.

Well, if that were to happen and if the people of Syria ever did get their freedom, as a result of that, then there would be a free flow of commerce, because many things that are being produced and also exported by Iran are actually being used in Syria.

They’re using them to promote the Syrian economy. So, we’ve now seen an opening on the Iranian side of the border, and that’s good. We hope it remains open because that’s good for the people of Syria, but we also know that it could be used to create problems for Turkey. It’s not clear at this time.

Barbara Walters: Are Turkish soldiers along the border?

Doree Shafiqullah: Yes, indeed. There’s a lot of artillery fire that goes on, and they’re also firing mortars on the towns that are along the border, and they’re moving tanks across there. I think they’re also


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