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Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54 ##VERIFIED##

Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54 ##VERIFIED##


Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54

He was a noted Islamic scholar, educationist, researcher, orator, and author. He had ha penned over four dozen books in the Urdu language and contributed hundreds of research articles in various journals and magazines, on various topics including Islamic doctrines, Islamic jurisprudence, Dawah, Islamic social system, human rights, contemporary challenges and political issues. Many of his books addressed the issues and concerns of women. Later, a large number of his books were translated into various languages such as Arabic, English, Turkish, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannad, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, and Tamil. Some of his well-known books include Tajjaliyat e Quran, Maroof-o-Munkar, Tajalliyat-e-Quran, Auraq-e-Seerat, Islam ki Dawat, Islam mein Khidmat-e-Khalq ka Tasawwur, Infaq fi Sabilillah, Ghair Islami Riyasat Aur Musalman, Family System in the Holy Quran, Inviting to Islam, Islam and Human Rights, Islam and Service to Mankind, Islam and Unity of Mankind, Islam the Bastion of Human Rights, Relationship with Non-Muslims and their Rights, Rights of Muslim Women A Critique of the Objections, Submission to God Glory to Man, The Family System of Islam, Women and Islam, State of Our Community and Nation and Our Responsibilities, and Social Service in Islam.

Infaq is mentioned almost 60 times in the Quran. Allah commands this basic pious spending for His sake on all of human beings. Through Infaq, the redistribution of wealth contributes to the eradication of poverty in our communities. Infaq also provides numerous benefits and securities for the giver, as long as all conditions are met.

Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54

Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf 54

Topic: Infaq Fi Sabilillah In Urdu Pdf

Is it permissible for a woman to read this book?

It is not a dua (supplication). This is also a book of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence and law).

Should I memorize this book?

Yes, memorize or write down.

Is reading this book prohibited?

Yes, reading this book is prohibited.

In which chapter does the title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” appear?

The title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” appears in “Ch. 39-40.

Describe its contents.

The title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” appears in “Ch. 39-40.

What is the meaning of the title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah”?

The title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” (Deen of manliness). The title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” (Islamic jurisprudence) in the sense of prescribing what a man must do. The title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” (good character) refers to moral values in order to make a good character and decent personality.

What is the meaning of the hadith according to which one needs to observe “Infaq Fi Sabilillah”?

One needs to observe “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” as it is a good character.

What is the number of parts in the book?

The book has 42 parts.

Is it permissible to recite the first sentence of the book?

Yes. We have to read the first sentence three times per day.

In what aspect is this book useful?

It is a useful book for the youths and young adults in the present days. This is a book of religious morals and character building. It is a very useful book for the children.

How did the first edition of the book come about?

In 1544 H the first edition of the book was published.

In which chapter is the title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah” mentioned?

The title “Infaq Fi Sabilillah


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