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ImTOO Video Converter Platinum 1121 With Keygen

ImTOO Video Converter Platinum is an intuitive and straightforward application designed to be a simple-to-use yet powerful video and audio converting tool that can convert between almost all multimedia formats and extract pictures from videos. It can also be used to create your own clips from multiple pictures, similar to GIFs. The supported video and audio file formats are MPEG-4, AVI, H.264/AVC, DivX, XviD, RM, FLV, SWF, MOV, 3GP, WMV MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, WAV and WMA.
It's handy for those who want to convert music or movies to playable types for different popular devices such as iPod, PSP, mobile phones or tablets. The app offers a simple and self-explanatory interface with an item list, a profile panel and other options necessary for the process to run smoothly.
Insert and play tracks and clips and cut them into smaller pieces
To add records simply browse their location on the computer, they can be movies, songs or images that are loaded along with their title, duration, profile, output size and status. The profile pane lets you rename the item, choose a frame delay for slideshows and size for the other. Plus, the video and audio quality can also be changed to a better one.
A nice addition is the built-in CPU meter that shows how much of the processor's power is being used, together with the long list of supported formats, the destination folder, and the desired output device. Right-clicking on a video brings up the split function, which lets you cut it into multiple segments that are later loaded into the list as individual entries.
Add and customize the animated GIFs and snapshot favorite moments from a video
It's possible to edit the transitions effects for each picture that are included in the animated clip, from shrink, reveal, expand, inset, slide and fade, and the images moved up and down to arrange them in the desired order. However, there is no option to insert sounds to the slideshow.
Snapshot is another useful feature that comes in handy when you want to capture a certain photo from a movie, which can be accessed from the right corner of the panel. Additional settings can be set, such as the screen capture directory, convert using all cores or custom ones, enable the GPU acceleration, and choose what the action is after the conversion is complete.
Bottom line
All in all, ImTOO Video Converter Platinum is a reliable and intuitive utility that helps you convert audio and video files between various formats, split a movie into multiple pieces, as well as create clips using different images and play the records before conversion.


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Download →→→ DOWNLOAD






ImTOO Video Converter Platinum Crack+ With Product Key

iMedia Converter Ultimate has everything you want with one program: fast, reliable, secure, and perfectly compatible with all the most popular media formats, including 4K, Blu-ray and RAW formats, all without compromising on quality.
ImTOO Video Converter Platinum Features:
– Convert media files between almost all popular video and audio formats.
– Converts video file with simple mouse click.
– Split video into several clips.
– Create new clips from pictures by converting them to video.
– Editing of video plays back the selected video fragment with all the settings and profiles adjusted.
– Support preview and playback of media files within ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate.
– Add graphics or clip arts to the videos.
– Support popular screen video formats, including Flip4Mac, Nokia Screen Recorder, Sony DCR-HC30E, DCR-HC50, DCR-HC60, DCR-HC7, DCR-HC9, DCR-HCX40, DCR-HCX50, DCR-HCX60, DCR-HCX70, DCR-HCX70V, DCR-HCX80, DCR-HCX80V, DCR-HCX80/50, DCR-HCX80/50V, DCR-HCX80/60, DCR-HCX80/60V, DCR-HCX90, DCR-HCX90/50, DCR-HCX90/50V, DCR-HCX90/60, DCR-HCX90/60V, DCR-HCZ90, DCR-HCZ90/60, DCR-HCZ90/60V, DCR-HCZ80, DCR-HCZ80/60, DCR-HCZ80/60V, DCR-HCZ90/60V, DCR-HCZ90/70, DCR-HCZ90/60/70, DCR-HCZ80/70, DCR-HCZ90/70, DCR-HCZ80/70/60, DCR-HCZ90/70/60, DCR-HCZ80/70/60V, DCR-HCZ80/70/70, DCR-HCZ80/70/60V, DCR-HCZ80/70/70, DCR-HCZ90/60V

ImTOO Video Converter Platinum Product Key Full Download X64

Handy and simple to use multimedia converter that lets you convert video and audio files between almost all formats. It is designed to convert multimedia data between most popular formats for any device.

Download Free Streaming App for iPhone and iPad


★ Play on any iPhone or iPad ★

AES-256bit Encryption for safety as well as Cloud Supported

★ Safe & Secure Downloading & Streaming for any Device

Capacity of up to 30Mbps

Add as many as 100 Devices Supported (Premium)

★ Free Tempo Tracking, Preview & Sync

Bluetooth and Airplay & Remote Play

5 Languages Supported

* This app uses your cellular data (3G/4G/LTE) and Wi-Fi to allow you to download and play apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You are responsible for any use of your data usage & Wi-Fi.

Video Pro Lite Overview:

Video Pro Lite for iOS lets you share streaming video content from your iPad or iPhone on a large variety of devices, including your own Web server.

Get videos to stream from your iPad or iPhone anywhere in your network, as well as stream over the Internet to a Web site, email or chat room.

Video Pro Lite is the ideal solution to convert all of your videos (or podcasts) in a snap. Video Pro is a fast, and easy to use video converter. Manage your converted files in a secure place, and save your downloads on your Mac.

Get Videos to Stream from iPad and iPhone to Many Devices using IPTV Apps:

Video Pro Lite for iOS works with the following IPTV Apps:

Open IPTV (

Streammate (

Bunq (

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I found this software for converting my MP4 to AVI to play on a DVD player. I tried a web site that enables me to upload or download the files, and it takes a long time. It is better to install this software in your computer and use it, it saves my time and money. What a great software

ImTOO Video Converter Platinum

IMTOO video to FLV Converter is a very easy and fast video conversion and editing software for Windows users. This program lets you convert video clips, including AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP and other videos to FLV format for playback on any of your devices that support Flash Player. Also, you can use it to extract pictures from video or audio files and edit the video timeline or add special effects. It is a video editor, converter, and slideshow creator to make your video clips more interesting. Key Features:
> Extract images from video or audio files (BMP/JPEG/TIF/PNG/GIF/JPG/MP3/AC3/DTS/WAV/AAC/M4A/MKA/VOB).
> Add watermarks to video and photos, crop video frames, add text or images.
> Add video and audio effects like reverse, fade, brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, flip and more.
> SlideShow Creator – Make beautiful transitions for any video clips, cut them into multiple pieces, add your favorite pictures and make your own video clips from the collection.
> Edit video timeline – You can easily trim the video length, add/remove/edit audio files, add text and image watermarks, crop video frames and videos.
> Convert video and audio files easily – Supports more than 100 video and audio formats and also offers presets for users with different multimedia devices.

– Convert AVI to FLV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, 3GP, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, WMA and other formats.
– Extract images from video and audio files (BMP/JPEG/TIF/PNG/GIF/JPG/MP3/AC3/DTS/WAV/AAC/M4A/MKA/VOB).
– Add watermarks to video and photos, crop video frames, add text or images.
– Add video and audio effects like reverse, fade, brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, flip and more.
– SlideShow Creator – Make beautiful transitions for any video clips, cut them into multiple pieces, add your favorite pictures and make your own video clips from the collection.

What’s New In ImTOO Video Converter Platinum?

Convert videos and audio files to virtually any format.
Split, join and crop videos.
Edit videos and audio files.
Edit audio files directly.
Quick crop video to a desirable size.
Import and merge audio files.
Convert video and audio files to popular and compatible formats.
Make videos from movies and photos.
Edit videos and audio with the Split function.
Add a personalized signature to a video.
Share online or burn video to CD/DVD/Blue-ray.
Create photo slideshow from videos.
Create personalized video e-cards.
Any difficulties, please feel free to contact us.
Although, you are the subject matter expert, we love your opinion and would really value your feedback!
IMTOO V.C. Pt Platinum Help

MediaMax Productions Video Tools v6.3.10.386 | MacOSX | 23.25 Mb

Description: No Codec or Format problem with ANY clip, EVER!
MediaMax Productions Video Tools is a powerful software tool which, regardless of the video file format (wmv, avi, hd, 3gp, mpeg, mpeg-4), ANY clip is able to decode and play with NO SIGNIFICANT DECREASE in quality.
Highlights of the MediaMax Productions Video Tools:
*No quality loss with ANY H.264 clip
*No size increase with ANY FLV/MP4 clip
*No quality loss with ANY mpeg-2 clip
*No size increase with ANY mpeg-2 clip
*No quality loss with ANY 3GP/mp4 clip
*No size increase with ANY 3GP/mp4 clip
*No quality loss with ANY xvid clip
*No size increase with ANY xvid clip
*No quality loss with ANY divx/avi clip
*No size increase with ANY divx/avi clip
*No quality loss with ANY avi clip
*No size increase with ANY avi clip
*No quality loss with ANY vc1/vc2 clip
*No size increase with ANY vc1/vc2 clip
*No quality loss with ANY wmv clip
*No size increase with ANY wmv clip
This software is a must-have video editing tool for anyone who needs to transcode video files or converting video formats in Mac. MediaMax Productions Video Tools does this by using a unique algorithm to transcode or convert the target video file with a never-before-

System Requirements:

OS: Win 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/95
Processor: Pentium III 500MHz+ / Athlon 500MHz+
Memory: 128Mb RAM
Hard Drive: 10Mb
Video: 256MB Video card
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Connection: Broadband Internet
Network: Broadband Internet
Sharing: Sound Devices Da-U10 or equivalent
Efficiency: Windows Media Player 10
Last update: 10-17-2010

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