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Hyperkin Game Genie Save Editor For Ps3 Cracked [Extra Quality]

Hyperkin Game Genie Save Editor For Ps3 Cracked [Extra Quality]

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Hyperkin Game Genie Save Editor For Ps3 Cracked

to make the game genie 3 even better, codemasters added a set of two additional buttons called the edit memory and delete memory buttons. these buttons allowed players to edit any memory location in the game, and could be set to either the default, in which the game would accept any edit, or the blocked, in which the game would reject any edit. what’s more, the game allowed players to enter a game id to create a save file under that specific id. all of these extra features were possible through the use of a few extra memory locations that were reserved for game data, and that required a special key on the game genie 3 to access. the genie was now complete, a device that gave players the power to create and play their own games. and codemasters was now perfectly positioned to offer it as an accessory to their first home console game, the brilliant super nintendo title, dizzy.

faced with a new toy to play with, the codemasters team set to work making their own game, dizzy 2. but dizzy 2 would require a lot more memory than the original game, and a lot more keys. instead of using the game genie 3’s keypad, codemasters added a new keypad to the side of the game genie 3 that had additional buttons for the numbers, 1 through 9. but because this device was going to run on the snes, the number buttons were numbered differently than they had been on the game genie 3. the machine would need to know exactly which number to insert into which memory location to access the correct memory location. it would need a manual. codemasters even dubbed it the “memory manager’s manual.” and so, the game genie 3 was born.

the project was brought back to life in 2002 when galoob’s ex-son-in-law and former galoob employee, john tiller, struck a deal with microsoft to produce a game genie 2 for the xbox. it was a completely different device from the first one, but still compatible with game genie save files. while game genie 2 never went on to have the same level of success as game genie, it still sold well enough to ensure its continued production and eventual release on other platforms as well. the game genie 2 also spawned various clone devices.
for many, the last (public) release of the game genie, which was unofficially referred to as the “galoobgamegenie” was the game genie 2, released for the ps2. it was a gigantic leap in terms of functionality over the original. while it still requires a game cartridge, it also came with a second, smaller cartridge that housed all the circuitry required to access save files. as sole points out, it also included a number of other elements that were missing from earlier versions, like a microphone input for voice commands and the ability to assign codes to different game controllers, which would provide some players with a rare trick to pulling off without a game genie. however, the game genie 2 introduced a number of issues as well.
for starters, the game genie 2 was a pretty expensive piece of equipment. rather than release the device for $30, like the game genie, it cost $50. it also required the game cartridge to work with it, which didn’t sit well with the game genie faithful. and it also took up a lot of space. while the game genie 2 utilized a different rom on the game cartridge than the game genie, it also required a second cartridge, which was pretty big. in addition, game hackers would not have a place to store the device. the game genie and game genie 2 were the only game genie devices to come with an internal battery. that was removed in the game genie 2 so that it could be more compact.


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