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how to download and save a Photoshop Files


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This book primarily focuses on using the full Photoshop desktop application, but you can use the online applications that are available from Adobe, as well as a variety of third-party programs that mimic some or all of Photoshop’s features. The online applications are also very useful for playing with or testing the effects in this book.

The latest version of Photoshop, CS5, includes a new feature called Content Aware Fill. This tool applies a specific color to the pixels in a specific selection that match the area that you specify, making it a potentially very powerful feature. However, this function works only in the default New Document/New Screen or New Layer, Not in Document/Screen options, so it must be used in conjunction with other tools to fill areas that might not have a color or a color that is similar to your original image. Also, the choice of Fill Color is restricted to this tool — it cannot be changed in the pasted image layer. This means you must choose a color that you are comfortable with and then use the tool to adjust to match. Most of the fill techniques in this book can be performed with both the Content-Aware Fill tool and a regular Fill tool, and users who wish to experiment with the latest version of Photoshop may want to use it to test the fill choices.

Photoshop also includes a batch command (shortened to Batch) that can greatly speed up the process of performing actions on multiple images at once. This also requires that you either open a single image or save it to a new document.

## Choosing the Best Type of Document for Your Work

Photoshop can open the following types of files in a variety of ways:

* **Photoshop Document (PSD):** Photoshop’s native format for files. It’s the only type of file that you can directly edit using the application. If you open an image in Photoshop and edit the image, you’re working in Photoshop Document format.
* **Image Files:** Photoshop can open many types of image files.

Photoshop’s native file format is an alpha channel format, using a RGB color space. An image without an alpha channel is a greyscale image, one that has all the color channels turned off. You can use the Select > Color Range or the eyedropper tools to turn the channels on (you can choose Image > Mode > RGB Color); however, with an alpha channel, you can keep the channels turned off until you are ready to work with them.

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As of late, more and more people are using either Photoshop or Elements rather than other image editing software.

We have learned so much from these two popular software programs and it’s time we analyzed their backings, bugs and work-around solutions, and things to be aware of when working with either program.

What are Photoshop and Elements?

Both of these image editing software programs are stand-alone programs which means they don’t require Photoshop to be installed to use.

Adobe Photoshop is Adobe’s flagship image editing software whereas Elements is a companion program for professional photographers and people who just want to edit images with Photoshop.

A few people use Elements to create high-end images because it includes Photoshop’s features. Photoshop Elements starts with a clean user interface compared to the bloated interface of Photoshop.

Elements is a more interactive software which allows you to create more specialized works including web and graphics design.

Photoshop Elements

Element allows you to work with a variety of image formats including: JPEG, TIF, EPS, PSD, and others. You can also work with the RAW image format.

It is simple to create new works with Elements. With Photoshop Elements, you can create art, design images, and make 3D creations.

You can customize your works with the following features:

Adjust the intensity

Blur, sharpen, and adjust the shape of the image


Merge, split, and remove images


Sharpen and blur

Warp and tilt

Simulate lens

You can also import other images as a new layer.

You can clone and warp images. You can also add frames around images which makes it easier to layer multiple images on top of one another.

You can create new images by combining the color, texture, and effect of the original.

When working with Photoshop Elements, we must remember that the interface is more robust than the one of Photoshop. You can easily access the tools and features to create new works.

You’ll notice that Elements has:

A different interface than Photoshop

A different user interface

Lets learn more about these two image editing software programs.

Check out our tutorial on how to install Photoshop in Windows and download it for free.

Photoshop vs. Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements and Photoshop both have

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What is the reason of the largest coefficients in an overdetermined regression of high-order polynomials?

I have been searching for, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory explanation for the rule in the literature.
I found the following explanation in Foster & Gawronski (1998):

It can be noted that the order of the regression is 2,
which means that the terms of the second-degree polynomial
are all monomials. But all monomials in a polynomial are linear
combination of the form a*x2 + b*x + c = (ax + b)2
for coefficients a, b, c ∈ R. Therefore, the number of
linear combinations of the monomials of second-degree are the
same as the number of coefficients of the second-degree
polynomial: two coefficients, a and c. But in general, for a
polynomial of order n, there are exactly 2*n coefficients,
so the total number of linear combinations of monomials that
can be formed is 2*n. Considering that the monomial of
degree n is included in 2*n linear combinations, the number
of monomials of degree n is 2*n/2 = n, which is the highest
allowed degree.

I don’t really understand this explanation. I don’t know why the number of coefficients a and c depends on the order of the polynomial. I know that for low-order polynomials the number of monomials is less than the number of coefficients. The order of polynomials doesn’t affect the number of monomials, but why for high-order polynomials it is bigger than the number of coefficients?


Consider how many things

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