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How to download Adobe Photoshop CC







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* Figure 4-2 shows you how to get started with Photoshop.

FIGURE 4-2: A friendly introduction to Photoshop.

All professionals should have a copy of Photoshop on their computer in case you need it and don’t want to install it.

On the other hand, a competent photographer who needs to work with imagery should familiarize herself with GIMP. It’s a free, open source cross-platform open-source image manipulation program. If you need to edit imagery in GIMP, you can.

For more on GIMP, check out the online tutorial at `www.gimp.org` or buy a copy of the GIMP User Manual. However, don’t expect to get any guidance on Adobe Photoshop from this book.

Creating a New Project

Photoshop saves a new document — that is, a blank canvas, the precursor to your images — with a name and a default setting. It’s usually a good idea to have a name unique to this project to avoid confusion later.

You can create new projects from any image that you want to manipulate. However, the programs I discuss in this chapter — GIMP, Affinity Photo, and Photoshop — are really designed to work with full-color images.

After you create your new project, you should save it to a folder or disk. Saving an image is simple: Choose File⇒Save and then select the location for the new file. For example, you can save a new project in your `C:\` folder, but for simplicity, I save my new projects in the My Pictures folder.

After you save the new file, Photoshop makes it available to you. To open it, choose Photoshop⇒Applications⇒Photoshop (or press Alt+N on your keyboard). From there, you can double-click on a saved file or open it from the New menu.

Creating a new document with GIMP

You use GIMP in much the same way you use Photoshop for raster images. The following steps show you how to create a new image. As with Photoshop, you see the ‘old school’ interface shown in Figure 4-3:

1. In GIMP, choose File⇒New.

The New dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4-3.

2. Name your new document. For example, call it background.jpg.

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The user interface in Photoshop Elements may look simple, but it’s nothing without a bundle of time and effort. The toolbox containing the most commonly used tools in Photoshop is split in two:

Most of the tools are easily accessible directly in the menu. Just press the commands A, S and D to switch between the tools. The icons of the tools change when you select them, and when you quit the tool, it changes to its default, a variant of the tool. For example, if you quit the Brush tool, the icon will change to a pencil and the Eraser icon will appear. The toolbox is re-arranged on the screen depending on your preferences. You can choose to always show the Brushes, always show the Tools or show all tools, or use the toolbox in a grid view where you have tools on the left and modes on the right.

You can control the tooltips that appear when you hover over the tool icons with the settings in the preferences.

When you use the tools, you can change them in the preferences or make them available as actions to save space on the keyboard.

Your saved actions are placed in a dedicated panel that you can move around to help you access the tools, or move to a convenient location within the toolbox.

Similar to the menus of the advanced version, there are also quick-access panels that you can click on to access the panels from the right side of the screen, such as panels with a Quick Mask button.

A new option called the Tabs panel allows you to switch between the tools that you use often. The default option is to always show the brushes, but you can change it to the tools that you work with or to always show the tools. This keeps the panels that you use the most in the front, or the ones most accessible.

The Commands, the Eye Dropper and the Touch tool are associated with the tabs. You can use the tabs to hide or show those tools, or even choose to show those tools in a grid and the others in a list.

The selection tool is associated with the Touch tool for a reason: it allows you to select the area of the image you want to work on with your finger. You can zoom in or out by double tapping on the image.

The eye dropper is sometimes used to select an area of

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