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Kaiju Combat is a high-octane, 4 player arcade-style brawler with a focus on one-on-one, 1v1 combat. Players jump into a cosmic battlefield full of classic monster characters, from Godzilla to Gamera, Kumamon to Kong, from Star Wars to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Each character is a different species with unique powers & abilities that are drawn from the films.
Players battle with giant, oversized monsters, in customizable, action-packed arenas, using a unique Kaiju combat system that delivers a satisfying combat experience. Developed by a small team within Gametile Games, Kaiju Combat has been supported by our fans through our ICO funding campaign.
Our biggest challenge:
• Achieving a good balance between action and strategy while making the combat system accessible for new players.
• Delivering a tournament-worthy product with features that other indie titles lack.
• Expanding the Kaiju universe beyond our existing characters & settings.
• Single Player / Co-op play
• 4 Player Local Co-op
• 4 Player Online Co-op
• AI opponents
• Basic Tutorial
• Colorblind Mode
• Replay Saving
• UI Customization
• Keyboard & Controller Support
• Enemy Families
• Character Customization
• Stages + A Character Slot
• Over 20 Kaiju
• 5 Event Maps
• 9 Kaiju Events
• Customizable Kaiju Spec Ops
• Kaiju Events Kits
• Multiple Game Modes
• Ability to create your own Kaiju Battle Map
• Campaign Mode + Character Story & Movie Mode
• Ability to trade Kaiju Characters
• Ability to buy Kaiju Events Kits
• Player Statistics
• Character Statistics
• Levelup & Skill Trees
• Customizable Game Mode
• Compete against The Old Guard
• Environmental Effects: Sudden Rain, Earthquakes, Fire, etc
• No ads
Gigantic, Kaiju-sized monsters are fighting big battles in vast, galactic stages! Fly into space, fight giant monsters in epic arenas, evolve your own Kaiju characters, and join the fight for ultimate Kaiju supremacy!

The additional content, events, and more that will be released during Early Access.


Dec 13, 2018

Kaijuland Battles

Kaijuland Battles


Oct 30, 2017

Added more voxes & dials


Features Key:

  • Pretty cool and very easy game play
  • Great Sound Effects.
  • Engaging combat
  • Isd a realistic shooting
  • Gunshot
    Brings enemies down
  • Instant effects
  • Boss Battle
  • Users can change gun
  • Gunshot
  • Almost perfect mouse control
  • Small version is available
  • In the legal item.

Install/Play Tiger Tank 59? Super Tank MP045 Game

Key Requirements:

  • Operating system : Win 2000 or later
  • Computer: Pentium II 800 Mhz or better
  • Hard Disk Space : about 25% of your Free Space.

Tiger Tank 59? Super Tank MP045 Full Game


Full Game

  • Graphical effect
  • Fun & easy to play
  • Dangerous
  • The game has nice sounds effect
  • Boost
  • Hit points before damage


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You are the heir to a powerful evil empire. Possessing mysterious powers, you’ll travel through several lands and fight the likes of:
The Ghost Knight of the Dead Forest
The Witch of the Dark City
The Maleficent of the Mountain of the Dead
The Evil Sorcerer of the Mountain Valley
The Necromancer of the Castle
The Ghost Rider
Your Evil Empire is holding an array of lands known as the Dark Lands. It is the only remaining evil empire in this world. It is led by the Dark Lord Victor and his personal guard, The Knights of the Dark Shield. The Dark Lords main stronghold is the the castle of Doom.
DarkMaus is an action-RPG with role-playing elements. DarkMaus features 3 different playable characters, 5 different endings, and a whole story about the fate of the world. DarkMaus comes with a detailed map so that you can travel through the multiple lands in the Dark Lands to reach your destination.
The design and art for DarkMaus was inspired by the Souls series of games from Hidetaka Miyazaki and From Software (Bastion, the Dark Souls games, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, and Bloodborne). You are able to take on both Light and Dark incarnations for each of the three characters. In the Light version you find yourself constantly in the shadows, and in the Dark version you find yourself in constant battles. You’ll be in for a tough ride.
DarkMaus is the first computer RPG that includes a character class system. Play through the story to discover what strengths each character has as you progress through the game. Your class will determine how the combat system works.
You have the ability to walk in the darkness and deal damage to your enemies by using the shadows. The Shadow Fighters are your main protection from the Dark Lords due to them being shadow-resistant and being able to use the shadows as their main weapon.
The Light Fighters use the sunlight of the lands around them to deal damage to their enemies. The Light Fighters are in more constant battles because the sunlight can blind them and from being out in the light.
The Dark Fighters in DarkMaus have both abilities of the Light and Shadow Fighters and uses Darkness as their main weapon against the enemies in the game.
In DarkMaus, you can explore the lands, fight bosses, and complete quests.


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How to play medieval defenders?
1. Start game.
2. You open game menu and choose game that you want to play.
3. You choose map and then choose game start.
4. You choose game mode, set for man vs. man. You choose map, choose game mode, set for man vs. man.
5. You choose difficulty.
6. Go to your castle. You can choose a castle (default-is castle). Don’t start game yet.
7. When you start game, you open your castle.
8. You choose what you want to do now.
9. You go to the game statistics. You see your opponent’s castle and you see your castle. You also see mana and gold. This is default.
10. When you click on “build”, game opens to your castle.
11. After starting the game, you open castle and choose what to build first. You can build small tower or large one.
12. When you click on the castle, you open the building screen and choose what to build. You also see the price to build in gold and mana.
13. You can also see a few information about your castle, like “hostile units” and so on.
14. You build a tower first or you build a building first. When you build a tower or building, you need mana or gold.
15. You need mana or gold to buy a tower or building. You have mana and gold in the shop.
16. When you need mana or gold, you can buy it from the shop.
17. When you need mana or gold for the first time, you can choose cash first or buy tower or building first.
18. You have 3 types of mana. You can use mana to buy buildings or to buy towers. If you need more than mana, you can buy mana from the shop for gold.
19. You have three types of gold. You can use gold to buy buildings or to buy towers. If you need more than gold, you can buy gold from the shop for mana.
20. You can buy a tower or a building from the shop with the cash or gold.
21. If you don’t have enough mana or gold, you can open the shop and buy.
22. When you click on the shop, game opens to the shop screen.
23. You can buy 3 types of building. You can buy a cannon tower, ar


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