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Loot, Level, Gems and Boss monster are 3 types of power-ups for Beastie King.
Beastie King is a creature that inhabits the land of ‘Beasty Land’, as he has some amazing abilities.

– GOBOWESLAYER: An advanced Go-Gobbleslayer to eliminate ghosts from any location. He has a unique special go-gobble attack. Goblies are small spirits that have been cashed in the ‘Beasty Land’ according to legend. They take their place in a parallel dimension called ‘Gobble Land’. When the Ghosts are chased away from the land of ‘Beasty Land’ a long period of peace continues and the Goblies live in peace. A Gobbleslayer hatches when the Beasty King’s chicks lays eggs and converts the Goblies into Gobble Slayer.
– BRIGHTFLYEE: ‘Brightflye’ is a type of flying kite used to take off. It is made out of bamboo. She has a special ability with which she can fly through her kite.
– CHICKS: The Beasty King’s chicks hatch when the Beasty King puts his magical eggs in the nest. These chicks are special as they gather the energy of the land of ‘Beasty Land’ to create bright yellow eggs. The chicks are the player’s way to gain life force and destroy the beasts (enemies).
– BEASTIES: All the Beasty King’s opponents are ‘Beasties’. Beasties come in various shapes and sizes. Some can climb on walls and some are even able to fly on air. Some are even stronger than others and can fly on a higher speed. The Beasty King must build the best team of his enemies, by capturing the brains of the opponents and impregnating his chicks with their body. The strongest enemy captured can be turned into a Beasty, by which the Beasty King becomes much stronger.
– BEEFY YOGIES: The player must collect the ‘Golden Yogies’ which are the currency of ‘Beasty Land’ as they are the only way to build the defensive walls of the land of ‘Beasty Land’. The players must collect the golden yogies in order to fight the ‘Beasty Lands most powerful and dangerous enemy, Black Bear’.

Game Features:
– Fully rendered 2D environments with lots of blocky action!
– High speed platform action!
– Level select!
– 20 Survival mode stages


Galaxis Wars Features Key:

  • Protect your device screen for you to launch new game conveniently!
  • Customize the height and width of your heat-transfer screen.
  • Remove the distracting status bar and optimize the use of the screen space.
  • Supports most game card fan-out devices, such as Bluetooth and Wifi game card.


Galaxis Wars Free (April-2022)

Carcassonne is now available for your Android! Carcassonne is an award-winning board game inspired by the classic Medieval European game of “kas raht” or “citadel”. In Carcassonne, you begin each turn with a resource: either Farm Tokens, Sheep Tokens, or Stone Tokens. You then place one of your tiles on the game board to grow a town. Like the traditional game, you can grow a settlement in a ring around your starting city, and you can also build up your walls to protect your city. The tiles that you draw to build your settlement are purchased by you, you never own them. The more tiles you own, the more powerful your settlement becomes. Using tiles wisely, you will protect your settlement from attack by the other players, and extend your borders to grow your town larger.
– Each player starts the game with the same set of ten tiles
– Players can spend Farm Tokens to draw and place new tiles, building the city around them
– Over time, the city will grow in size, becoming larger, more powerful, and requiring increasingly more tiles to grow
– Unique game board for the Android platform
– Tile selection screen integrated to the game board
– Added support for three available languages: English, French, and German
– Based on the gameplay of Kingdom, an Android board game
Get Carcassonne for free, no ads or in-app purchases!
Enjoy this new version in English, French, or German!
Report bugs to support@carcassonnegame.com

“With about 200 reviews, Carcassonne seems to be a popular application amongst players. A very interesting alternative to Games on Tap, and a good course for new players looking to learn the game of Kas Rht.”
Shawn Moore (BoardGameGeek.com Staff)
“Carcassonne for Android has no ads, no in-app purchases, no push notifications and no performance issues. It’s a great choice for any fans of the original game.”
PooleBean (BoardGameGeek.com Staff)
“…[Carcassonne for Android] has what players have asked for over and over again: they want an Android version that is dead simple. You can play the game with only a few taps. It will automatically find your other players, be prepared for the sun rising and set, and one of


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Go go crazy on enemy tanks, jets, walkers, and helicopters as you launch rockets, fire chain-guns, and drop bombs.
Accuracy Those steel metatarsals are hard to miss. Fire your arsenal with headshots and close-quarters combat!ChallengeYour friends from across the world in online multiplayer. All of your favourite features are in this game!

As you rise through the ranks to become the strongest player of Arena, you will collect stronger fighters and level up your skills. In the process, you will fight, unlock, customize, and trade many fighters. You will spend energy to move your fighters and gain skills, such as attack or defense. The higher your ranking, the stronger fighters you will be able to purchase. As you progress, you will be able to customize your Arena even more, by unlocking Arena events such as the Super System. When the right conditions are right, a surprise Super System will occur in your Arena, making the stronger fighters more valuable, and giving you a chance to win special rewards and Arena prizes. So, be on the lookout for the right conditions in order to maximize your rewards!About Arena Arena is a free fighting game, featuring many game modes, many fighters, and more than 100 customization items.The first game that lets you play in VR!Featuring:
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Game modes
* “VR Mode” (Oculus Rift) – Get ready to fight! Tap to jump, then flick your fingers to spin and attack! Gameplay for up to 4 players, A new way to fight, challenges to battle, Power ups to acquire, Arena events to master
* “Story Mode” (Oculus Rift) – When you log in, you will be transported into a world with stunning visual and audio details. Start your adventure with the Pioneer, then you can follow the others. This will lead you through new areas, where you will fight Arena challenges. Your Arena gains strength with you and your successes. As you progress, you will be able to customize your Arena even more, by unlocking Arena events such as the Super System. When the right conditions are right, a surprise Super System will occur in your Arena, making the stronger fighters more valuable, and giving you a chance to win special rewards and Arena prizes. So, be on the lookout for the right conditions in order to


What’s new in Galaxis Wars:

BIT.TRIP FATE is a 2010, point and click, adventure video game developed and published by Griptonite Games for the Nintendo DS. It was also released in North America through MangaGamer.

A sequel, BIT.TRIP FATE 2 (sometimes known as BIT.TRIP FATE 2 GIRP-TONE) was released in 2015. A FATE game called BIT.TRIP SAGA came out in 2017.

BIT.TRIP FATE, has a unique gameplay mechanic in which the player controls the mood swings of three “Floppy-Ds” instead of the usual first-person view of video games.

Instead of traditional adventure gameplay, the player controls the three characters through a series of challenges in a number of different settings. The mood influences how the player navigates the environments, and what difficulties are encountered by the player in those spaces.

Each setting can be traversed in a number of different ways. Each of the three characters has three different “moods,” each of which contributes to the atmosphere of the setting. The three moods are, Red (redemption), Green (growth), and Blue (pleasure). The player navigates the environments in such a way as to achieve a sufficient number of points (not to exceed the overall score of the game) in order to progress through the game. The number of points gained at each setting depends on the mood of the setting. For example, a setting is more difficult in Red than in Blue, while a setting is more difficult in Blue than in Green, or vice versa. This forces the player to think differently about how to navigate each setting, and rewards them with increased points if they manage to do so. If the player reaches the final setting, they must also complete a series of “Daedus” in order to reach an arc plot.

The story is largely a satire on the genres of video games and of railroading. The story centers around the three main characters: UNCLE X, SQUIRREL NUGGET, and FROGHENRINCH. They are left with only 12 hours to get to the conclusion of a daunting maze by way of avoiding accidentally killing a handy dandy Daedus called “Revered Dragon”. A young man named SHADOW that is a perpetual game protagonist, assists the three main characters during their journey.



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Suspense and mystery meet in this monumental RPG experience, where a young mother embarks on a quest to find her daughter, who has vanished into a haunted island. Players descend into the island’s labyrinthine depths, that harbor a force so terrifying that it has been kept secrets for ages and has co-existed alongside the island’s protector: the ancient Oboro. Together, mother and daughter must struggle through a land of black and white, where every choice means facing worse terrors.A world born of justice and compassion, Nightmare awakens in the heart of an old and forgotten ash-covered island. There, legend speaks of a woman who foresaw the downfall of the land and who left her daughter to be sacrificed to the powers of darkness. This woman was Matari, the Sea Queen of ancient lore, and today the creature’s revenge is once again rising, for a force so terrifying that it has been kept secret for ages and has co-existed alongside its protector, the ancient Oboro, has somehow returned to haunt the island. Now, only the daughter of the Sea Queen remains, but as the two join their hope to save the world, they must face a grave truth: not all the earth is black and white.

• Main character:
– Woman known only as “The Seeker”,
– Her daughter,
– An aged crone
• Apartment of the Seeker, with her child, and the rest of the characters,
– A large combat arena
• A small ship, based on Zebé (Ship of the Sea Queen)
• A docks, with a ship from the Sky Kingdom (The Kalasiyas)
• Basic map (various parts of the island are accessible),
• Friendly NPCs
• Various items
• Death Traps
• Enemies & Monsters (I think we will see 3 groups. Primary: Spirits, Secondary: Humans,
Trinity : Beasts/NPCs)
• Enemies have basic Life, and are all hostile
• Monsters have basic Life, and some are friendly while others are not. Monsters that appear in this game
are at least one of the type listed below
• Formidable Monsters
• Durable Monsters
• Oboro
• Ward Monsters
• Monster Arcs (I bet you will have 2 or 3 Arcs. Type 1: A location, Type 2: An enemy, Type 3: An item)
• Various Weapons


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    System Requirements For Galaxis Wars:

    – Supported: Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    – Compatible: Adobe Audition CS6, Ableton Live 8.4 or later, Audiobus 1.0.3 or later, FL Studio 11 or later, Logic Pro X 10.0 or later, Mixcraft Pro Master 2.2 or later, Max for Live 1.0.1, Reaper 1.0.2 or later
    – Not Compatible: GarageBand 10