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Photoshop is a large program with many features, and it’s a very time consuming program to learn how to use. So I have to emphasize the key features you should learn first.

Many Photoshop features aren’t best used without Photoshop’s Help system, which is found under the Help menu and is accessed by pressing F1. A great feature of this program is how it teaches you how to use most features. It provides excellent written and video tutorials for a range of Photoshop features. You can also buy books on Photoshop.

The following sections describe some of Photoshop’s many features and how to use them.

Layer and Photoshop’s adjustment layers

In Photoshop, you can create a layer and then make changes to it. Using this technique is a way of doing advanced editing without having to erase layers that you may need at a later date. You can also make changes to an image without losing the original pixels, and you can change the position of any pixels by adjusting the position of the individual pixels.

You can edit an entire image at once or create edits one at a time. This function is termed nondestructive editing. You can add or subtract layers to an image without permanently altering the original pixels. This becomes an issue when you’re using masks, which are explained in the next section, for example.

In Photoshop, you can work with layers by making a selection on the layers of an image and then editing the selected area in a separate layer. The background layer is retained, and all the work you do in the new layer is retained, too. This enables you to selectively edit areas of an image.

Editing the individual pixels of an image also enables you to create sophisticated effects. You can create graphic effects, such as a drop shadow, with amazing ease. Because of the way Photoshop handles the image pixels, you don’t have to worry about losing data when you make such an edit.

You can save your editing progress as a Photoshop.psd file that you can open later to continue your edits.

Creating a layer

As a beginner, you can make editing changes to a large image at once, without losing the original pixels. However, for more complex editing, you need to create a new layer. This enables you to isolate a particular feature of an image as a new layer that you can edit.

When you create a new layer, Photoshop automatically creates a new layer in front of the active layer. This enables you to make edits to the active

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You can use these 10 Photoshop tips and tricks to speed up and improve the images that you edit in Photoshop. I will share them with you today.

01. Change the Font in Photoshop

How to change a font in Photoshop

It is very easy to change a font in Photoshop. Let’s see how.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Font.

Here, you can change the font.

How to change a font in Photoshop?

Basically, you are going to change the font of the text you have selected in Photoshop.

Let’s say you have selected text and want to change the font. Go to Edit > Font.

Then you can change the font.

You can edit fonts directly in Photoshop

And, you can change the font by clicking the icon button in the toolbar.

02. Create a New Photoshop Document

How to create a new Photoshop document

In Photoshop, it is easy to create a new document. It is always good to save your file.

To create a new Photoshop document, go to File > New and choose “Photoshop Document”.

03. Zoom in and Zoom out Quickly

How to zoom in or zoom out easily in Photoshop

Sometimes, you need to zoom in and out a Photoshop document quickly.

For example, you want to see a part of your design more clearly.

To zoom in or zoom out in Photoshop, go to View > Zoom In/ Out.

And the Zoom In/ Out options are on the View menu in Photoshop.

You can always reset the Zoom to 100% in Photoshop

As you can see, when you zoom in or out, you can use the Zoom icon in the toolbar.

How to zoom in or zoom out quickly

04. Erase Unwanted Textures in Photoshop

How to remove unwanted textures in Photoshop

Sometimes, you may have some unwanted textures in your Photoshop documents.

For example, you may see some texture if you have moved the photo from a mobile device to a new monitor.

Or you may find some texture if you’ve used a photo editing app like Photoshop Sketch.

To remove the unwanted texture in Photoshop, go to Edit > Fill.

Then, you can see the Fill options at the top of the screen.

You can use this option to fill the

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PEN tools are used to draw and paint objects. The Selection Brush is used to select an area within an image and the Magic Wand allows you to select areas of the canvas as well as areas of the Image.
The Channels allow you to manipulate color with the Hue/Saturation tool, or with the Lightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Channels sliders. You can view all of your image channels as a single image on the right side of the Layers panel by clicking on the small square with the hexagonal border.
The Levels tool allows you to adjust the overall brightness and contrast of an image.

Take a look at the images below to see how to use each tool.

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.


Brush Tools in Photoshop include the Pen, Eraser, Paint Bucket, Blur, Soft Paint, and others. While some of these tools can seem confusing, understanding their basic concepts can help you produce better images. For instance, if you paint with the Soft Paint Brush, the paint will be soft and blendable. If you paint with the Blur Brush, the paint will retain some transparency and will blur objects nearby in the image.

The Pen tool can be used for various effects such as erasing images or correcting mistakes, while the Brush tool (with the Round Brush in the image below) can be used for painting.

Clone Stamp

If you accidentally paint something on an image and then the paint layer is no longer visible, you can use the Clone Stamp tool to remove the paint. Clone Stamp allows you to copy pixels from one area of an image and paste them into another area.

If you make a mistake in the process, you can always use the Eraser tool to remove the pasted pixels.


Selections are used for applying various brush effects to just a portion of an image. In the image below, the Magic Wand has been used to select the crescent moon.

The Rectangular Selection tool creates a rectangle and fills it with the foreground color. You can also create a freehand selection, use the Elliptical Marquee, or make a lasso selection using the Lasso tool.

You can check the box next to the marquee area to create an exact selection. However, doing so will remove any pixels that are inside the box.

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