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The first thing you should do when you take a photo is look at it on a monitor or print out an enlargement so you can see what you’ve taken. Spend time looking at the photo—it’s your first chance to correct any mistakes.

An important thing to know about making adjustments and working with layers is that they have their own color and transparency properties, as we explain in the next section.

Using Layer Masks

Photoshop layers can contain multiple adjustments that are embedded in them, including adjustments that change color or transparency. To explain this, consider this (naive) eye image. Using a single paint layer, it would be difficult to, say, darken only the pupil and pupil details.

Layers, unlike most art tools in Photoshop, also allow you to edit by working with Transparency Masks. When you change an adjustment on a layer, the pixels that are being affected get the color and opacity of the layer that has the adjustment.

Transparency masks (also known as layer masks) are an extremely powerful method of editing layers. These masks help you keep all the color and transparency from the layer you select while you modify it. Once you have applied a layer mask to a layer, you can easily color and lighten it without changing the original, original layer. You can easily get an idea of how masks work in the following exercise. (We cover layer masks in greater detail in Chapter 7.)

We used the following steps to create the eye image you see in Figure 2-1.

1. Click File → New.

2. Choose Eye Retouching from the New Layer panel, as shown in Figure 2-2.

Figure 2-1: Use the New Layer command to create a new layer.

3. Click the New Fill Layer button on the Layers panel and enter Pupil.

4. Click in the page and drag to create a new layer over the pupil.

5. Select the Paint Bucket tool and carefully paint over the pupil in the Layers panel to black it out, as shown in Figure 2-3.

6. Double-click the Paint Bucket to apply the adjustment.

As you can see, the pupil on the layer is now black, because the layer is on top of an adjustment layer that darkens the pupil. It’s easy to see how you could edit by using layer masks to “unapply” any adjustment, as we explain in the following

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 comes with a set of tools that allow you to edit your images, create logos, and much more. This guide will introduce you to all these tools and what you can use them for.

Ways To Use Photoshop Elements

1. Photoshop Elements is a Professional Photoshop Alternative

You can use Photoshop Elements as a single tool, or you can combine it with other programs to get the most out of it.

1.1. Edit Photos

It’s easy to edit photos in Photoshop Elements. Just import a folder of photos and use the crop tool to edit them right away.

Open a photo by clicking the New Image button and choose All Photos or Files. Select the image you want to edit from the image browser.

Use the crop tool to crop the image into a size that is more suitable for the edited image.

There are many other features in Photoshop Elements that enable you to edit the images; some of these are discussed in the tutorial below.

1.2. Design Presentations

With Photoshop Elements you can design presentations, presentations for web pages, eBook covers, logos, social media banners, and more.

It’s very easy to design a presentation because all the tools that are included are very intuitive. In addition, you can use templates that are suitable for your presentation to save time.

1.3. Make Web Graphics

Create logos, headers, social media banners, and graphic for websites with Adobe Photoshop Elements. It’s simple and intuitive to use and you don’t need to learn anything new.

2. Tool Features

2.1. Selecting

The select tool is available to you in Photoshop Elements. You can select any object, use an area tool to select an area, and everything else with it.

2.2. Free Transform

Free transform is a feature used to resize and rotate images in Photoshop Elements. It is very easy to use.

The leftmost button is the Move tool. Choose the icon from the toolbar to use the tools to move, rotate, resize, and more.

The rightmost button is the Path tool. Click the icon from the toolbar to use it to create a selection, or combine the tool with other tools and do more.

2.3. Layers

You can add layers to your projects, save the projects as PSDs, or sync them

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How do I prevent my customers from discarding the packaging of my jars?

I have a commercial jar that I am producing for retail customers. I am finding that my customers are opening the package, throwing the contents out and discarding the package.
Is there a standard way to secure or keep a lid on that kind of behavior?


That behavior is not standard. It is not nice, but it is legal. You can’t really have any expectation of a customer.
You will have to train your customer. As a first step, pay them and tell them that if they throw out the package you will require them to pay for its reinstallation in the store, or have it sent back to you. Let them know that after the first two packages, there will be a charge of $X for each additional package. If they throw out after the first few, you can get them on a discount schedule. You are then presenting them with a choice of moving up in the scale of prices or moving up in the scale of service.
There are two distinct factors in a commercial can: safety and cost. The first is purely intrinsic, it is not achievable without some engineering trade-off. The second factor depends on market conditions, and you have to tread very carefully here. If the manufacturing cost per unit is $A, and the can is worth $B to its customer, then the first $A are worth whatever the market will pay for them, the second $A are worth the cost to the manufacturer, and if you can give a better experience to the customer than the market will pay for, then you can make a higher margin on the first $A than the second $A.
The first factor can be your focus. If you can cover the cost with the sale price, and you can get higher margin on the sale, then you have a chance. A grocery store can’t get much margin. “Super market” stores usually have more margin, since they can afford to have more efficient capital expenditure, they can sell at more gross margin. That’s not always the case, but that’s the general rule.
The second factor is that can costs are often a large fraction of the finished product. Remember, even if your customer is willing to pay for everything, the cost of the can might easily come to more than the added retail cost of the food

What’s New In?

Myeloproliferative disorders in infancy and childhood: a review.
Diagnosis of the myeloproliferative disorders has developed rapidly over the last decade and is now approached from a number of different points. First, the categorization has been radically revised: first, by adopting the 1994 WHO classification, and second, by attempting to establish the precise distinction between primary myelofibrosis and essential thrombocythemia. Secondly, progress has been made in understanding the molecular basis of the myeloproliferative disorders. FISH and PCR techniques can now be applied to diagnostic studies. Thirdly, an understanding of the effects of gene mutations on the function of relevant proteins and the development of kinase inhibitors and other drugs has provided novel approaches to the development of successful therapy. This review will examine the current approach to diagnosis of the myeloproliferative disorders, the current WHO classifications and developments in therapy. Finally the paper will present new data showing the development of childhood myeloproliferative disorders and predict what they may provide in diagnosis, therapy and the study of human disease in childhood.Q:

How to gain admittance to a conference by submitting a short paper about an obscure subject?

I’m interested in a conference devoted to a particular topic. It is held online and the program is on-line, and the deadline for submissions was a few days ago.
The paper I want to submit is a description of an object in a particular formal system that I think everyone in the field would appreciate to look into it. The formal system is popular among researchers in the field, and the paper is based on the result of the previous research in the area.
This is a good example of what I mean: The current accepted paper is about a regular expression problem that should be well-known to researchers in the field, even though it is based on an obscure proof. The publication of the current work in a reputable journal would expose the existence of this proof.
Note that the conference doesn’t directly fall into the field I’m interested in, but I think that the benefits of submitting the paper will be greater.
How can I gain admittance to this conference?


You basically want to make sure the conference chair knows the result is well-known.
When submitting for a particular conference or journal, it is often worthwhile to ask the editor to propose the subject of your paper. This will typically result in your paper being accepted

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