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Fotos De Nikki Bella Desnuda

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Gritando y hablando ESSENÇAS EN LA BÚSQUEDA: MONTAVILLA.-La grafica que cursa el partido entre New Orleans y LA Clippers de la NBA se mostró por primera vez en el estadio Mercedes Benz.Q:

Why does TypeScript require default export before export default of a function?

I’ve run into a weird behaviour in TypeScript that I cannot explain. Consider the following example:
export default function f() {}
export default function() {
return 123;

The first function, which is exported as default, is ok, but the second is a warning:

The export “function” can only appear at the top level of a module and must be the first declared export of a module.

Why is this? Is this a bug in the compiler?


TypeScript is complaining that you have a cyclic default export:
The first function isn’t a default export because the type of f doesn’t include any of its own exports. Since f is exported by default, it can’t be part of a default export of any other exported type.
export default function f() {}
export default function() {
return 123;

export { f as someFunc }

In the above example, someFunc refers to the function f, and no other exported type refers to f. This makes f a cyclic export that can’t be part of a default export.


To add to @slaks’s answer,

The first function is a return value of a function declaration inside a module. This is an error as it is described here. If you don’t intend to export the value, use the functions name (e.g. instead of function name() { return foo; })

Function declarations are (annotation) type declarations
Function declarations take a function signature that is a tuple containing a type and a set of input and output types.
When calling a function, use the function


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