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El.blanco,el.amarillo.y.el.negro(Castellano).(Spanish).DVD-Rip.XviD- 23 High Quality ⚪


El.blanco,el.amarillo.y.el.negro(Castellano).(Spanish).DVD-Rip.XviD- 23

how it was: at first, the story was good, then too much was happening at once, until it was just too much and they were trying to cram too much into too little screen real estate. too little attention was paid to the characters to care whether they lived or died. there was no depth, no humanity. the director was clearly not capable of making such a film. that he had helped do such a great job on the thomas crown affair says nothing good. he then went on to take on pretty woman, and was even less capable of making a good film than he was of making this one. hopefully, he will take his talents to happy gilmore and get a part in that movie where he can make all that money only he deserves to make. i give this film one star.

a gorgeous film with a meandering plot that never works due to the loss of focus. it meanders with such accuracy that the mind becomes as lost in its story-line as any opium-head. the acting is certainly good throughout the film and the director is talented. but the film is too much about just itself as the story comes to a screeching halt as people try to do something and it gets in their way. also, as with the other film, there is very little depth in the characters and not a lot of emotion. again, too little attention paid to the characters for their stories to hold the viewer’s interest. the director would do well to listen to what the main character is thinking. it is the only way he will be able to understand what is going on.

a low-budget film set in a haunted warehouse in cartagena, spain. with a plot that is not only difficult to follow, but involves too much back and forth, it is quite difficult to set up good situations, because too much of the action is happening at once. there is no flow, no progression of the story, only moments. there is also no clear villain in the story, just a lot of people who have the same goal. while the special effects and cinematography are good, the film relies too much on them, and can even become a bit irritating at times.


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