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{Dragonball (Complete 001-153 English Dub)} Mega [VERIFIED] 📀

{Dragonball (Complete 001-153 English Dub)} Mega [VERIFIED] 📀

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{Dragonball (Complete 001-153 English Dub)} Mega

however, he’s armed with a reworked energy staff containing all of the previous versions: gotenks’ staff, goku’s super saiyan 3 staff, piccolo’s bull special, buu’s dual beam, super buu’s neo tri-beam and kid buu’s destructo disc. the staff also retains the ability to split into 2 separate staffs and quickly combine them in mid-air.

he then creates another energy ball, but once again, it’s extremely powerful and knocks buu back. they continue firing energy blasts at one another, during which, gohan uses kamehameha, a powerful energy ball that can blast any enemy by knocking them away to buu. buu retaliates by splitting the ball to 2 new balls, counterattacking and creating more super buu, goku and their friends can’t dodge the tremendous attacks.

goku is slightly devastated by the new form’s power and no longer able to take buu’s level of power, he flies away only to later exclaim to buu that he should be stuck in that state forever. the result was to become an evil version of gotenks: super saiyan gotenks, a super saiyan 3 gotenks. the new super saiyan gotenks begins to fight the good goku like old, he’s as strong as he was before and is far more experienced at fighting, since the dragon balls fused with goku’s.

gohan, gohan’s student, comes to goku’s rescue. although he’s more outmatched than gohan (who has gained more experience as a super saiyan recently), he can still fight super buu with his kamehameha. super buu retaliates by splintering the kamehameha, reverting back to his usual state while goku becomes powerless. super buu then continues to attack the pair.

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{Dragonball (Complete 001-153 English Dub)} Mega. h
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