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Download Games For Windows Live Keygen

using these settings, tron: evolution should launch and work fine. however, if you want to launch the game straight away, just double click on the tron: evolutionbinarieswin32live folder without changing anything (you can delete the tron: evolution folder afterwards). this will make the tron: evolutionbinarieswin32live run right away instead of after you’ve created your main profile.

update: ok so i did a re-download, and it works! it seems to have just been a temporary glitch, so hopefully all will work now. i did in fact create a local gfwl profile, but it still wouldn’t work. the problem came back when i tried to log in, and have tried everything i could think of to try and fix it, but to no avail.

update: okay, so i’ve found a workaround for the login issue. you can create a shortcut to the game (i.e. make a new shortcut or add one to the xbox companion apps list of games) and then launch the game from that shortcut instead of the actual game itself. if you’re using a gamepad, you need to make sure the xbox companion app is installed, and make sure the game is set to use an xbox controller. otherwise, if your gamepad is mapped to something else, you need to reconfigure the game to use a gamepad instead of a keyboard.

update: alright, after many many hours of trying i was able to get this working. it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s possible. i’m using windows 8, but you may need to use the windows 7 version to make this work. i’m able to login, and it looks like it’s behaving normally. i’m able to use the xbox companion app to play the game, and it seems to be able to do that. i can also get my game saves, which is important to me! i’m still not able to get the game running on my xbox though. it keeps crashing after the loading screen, even when i have the game settings set to either just game or xbox game sorting. i’m still looking into this, but it’s a start!

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