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Even though you’ve made a small hole in your floor or wall, the crack should hold. A circular saw is usually used for this. If you need to remove molding attached to wall boards, you can use a rip saw, such as a 3-1/2 inch reciprocating saw. For harder wood, use a circular saw to remove the large cutouts, and for softer wood, use a router fitted with a large cutting bit to remove the deep cuts.

You can also use sander pads or sandpaper of various grits to smooth the edge. In this case, care is needed to keep the sheet metal in contact with the pad or paper. Use a fine grit of sandpaper or a fine non-marking pad to remove any marks left by the router.

You can use a radial-arm saw or a jigsaw for making the cuts. The blade of a radial-arm saw will cause less tearing and chipping than that of a jigsaw. Use two hands to guide the saw and make the cuts.

If the cuts are long and must be made with no power, such as when carving a large piece of wood, use a router with a straight bit to make the cuts. The straight bit will not tear the wood, but the router will be slow and it will take longer to finish the cuts.

The saws, routers, and sanding pads or sandpaper should be carefully selected before you start the project. You can use standard advice about keeping the proper equipment and tool for the job.

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How to mock request.get in Django unit test?

Request is a function in python, so how do I mock request.get in unit tests in Django?


According to the docs on Mock, I don’t believe you can use get on Mock.
The only way I can think of to make this work is to create your own request object that uses Mock when you create it.
If you don’t want to, you can just use something like requests and not worry about whether the logic is mocked or not.


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Artcam Pro 2008 By Delcam is a powerful and easy-to-use software which helps people in creating great 3D paintings and designs from 2D photos and JPEGs. Besides the photo editing and sketching features in Artcam Pro 2008, it also includes advanced tools for creating 3D models.

What is new in version 8.1.0:

Let the ArtCam change the way you and your clients visualize design from 2D to 3D! For the first time ever, now you can easily turn a 2D photo into an amazing 3D design. ArtCam Pro 2008 is a powerful and easy-to-use software which helps people in creating great 3D designs, works of art and paintings from 2D photos and JPEGs.

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Over 170 different creative effects bring your 3D designs to life with dynamic shading, lighting and realistic shadows. There are also over 150 predefined styles to make your designs look like works of art. Just pick one of these styles and ArtCam will automatically apply that style to your designs.

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New interface that gives you everything you need to finish your designs right away. ArtCam Pro 2008 has been completely redesigned and re-engineered to give you new and faster features. Over the years thousands of user requests have been implemented into this new interface.

Auto 2D to 3D conversion. Now you can generate a 3D model from any 2D picture or vector. ArtCam Pro 2008 allows you to easily convert any 2D JPEG, TIFF or EPS file into a 3D model. Just upload your image into the program, ArtCam will process and convert it into a 3D model within minutes. You can now take any photo or sketch that was made with any other application and convert it into a 3D model in ArtCam Pro 2008.

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Consistently get all comments when hovering over a post – Tumblr

I need to get all comment of a post in a Tumblr page, from this page:

When I hover over any word in the post, I need to get all the comment about that word.
Any clue? I would like to avoid jQuery if possible.


I see this, so I know what you mean: I think it can be done in JavaScript. If so, this would be the way to go.

Minute-to-minute temperature variation, heat balance, and heat storage capacity of men at rest under two shivering conditions: open versus covered.
The amount of heat necessary to maintain thermal neutrality in men at rest was determined by the open (O)- and covered (C)-test-man configurations. The O-test man was in a thermoneutral environment and received no active heat input. He initiated shivering and cooling to thermoneutrality. The C-test man was exposed to a +20 degrees C to +30 degrees C ambient temperature and shivered actively to maintain thermal neutrality. He was

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