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* **Photoshop Elements is part of the Photoshop Creative Suite.** It is often considered a free alternative to Photoshop and also offers many of the same features.


Photoshop can be run from within a window on the Mac, or from the desktop application. Both the Mac and Windows versions share similar features, including some of the most common tools of the trade (described in the next few sections) and many of the tools described in Chapters 11 and 13. The main difference is that the Mac version does not have layers and comes with fewer bells and whistles than the Windows version.

To open a file, you can go the easy route of double-clicking on the file or you can use the Open dialog.

## Opening Files in Photoshop

To open an image file, you just select the file and click Open, as shown here.

The document opens in Photoshop. You can do several things to arrange the window so that the image appears more aesthetically pleasing. Follow these steps for your first image:

1. **In the Layers panel, double-click the thumbnail of the file in the Image 1 thumbnail window.**

The image opens on the working image. As you work on the image, it appears on the right side of the document window (Figure 10-1).

For many images, the left half of the screen displays some type of tool. In most images, you can use the Crop tool to crop the file to make it appear more pleasing, like the top image in Figure 10-1.

The Tool Options button at the bottom of the dialog box displays the tool options for the current tool, as shown in the top of Figure 10-1. Use this button to modify tool options such as the Crop tool’s Size and Crop percentages.

The image opens directly on the working image.

2. **Double-click the thumbnail of another image or select File⇒Open.**

The open image opens in the working image. You can then further adjust it using the tools described in the next section, “Adjusting Image Tools.”

If you want to open the same image in different versions, you can create a new version with a new filename and then use this version to open the image. You can also duplicate an image by opening it and then saving it under a different filename.

FIGURE 10-1: You

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is the predecessor of Adobe Photoshop CC and uses the same file formats as Photoshop CC. Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CC are the same software, but run on different operating systems. Photoshop Elements is available as a free online version for Windows and macOS. It is also available on hardware devices such as mobile phones, mobile tablets, and netbooks. The trial version of Photoshop Elements is available for Mac or Windows. You may want to start with Photoshop Elements and only then upgrade to a standalone version.

Overall, Photoshop Elements is a helpful and reliable tool for the beginner and expert photographer. Also, for the less skilled photographers who are just starting out. Photoshop Elements is a free alternative to Photoshop and its offline (online) version is available at Adobe.com. Photoshop Elements has a lot of power features as compared to other graphics editor software. It is ideal for the beginners, hobbyists and for photographers. In addition to editing images, Photoshop Elements is also used to create new images and some of the available features.

What are the main features of Photoshop Elements?

For basic photo editing, Photoshop Elements offers a lot of features. It is designed for all kinds of photographers and photo editing tasks. The only difference is that there are fewer features in Photoshop Elements than the professional edition, but the tools are still there. The tools include basic editing features like Photo Adjustments, Tools, Layers.

Professional editing features like Content Aware Fill, Clone Stamp, Filters, Enhance, Cropping, Straighten are also included. Layers help you to organize the layers and create complex compositions. There are some advanced photo editing features for the expert photographers.

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CC are available for all kinds of computers. It also supports a variety of operating systems. It is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. You can download the latest version from the official website. You can learn how to download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements after reading the following tutorial.

Features of Photoshop Elements


Before we discuss the features of Photoshop Elements, we first need to discuss the Filters feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Filters are nothing but customizable, predefined or user-defined filters. Filters are created to enhance the quality and overall appearance of an image. Photoshop Elements is a free image editing program with a lot of filters as compared to other graphic editors. Some of the popular filters are as follows:

Grainy Film

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iOS 5: How does the system know when an app has been restored from a memory card?

I’d like to know how the system knows that my app has been installed from the memory card.
For example, if I do a clean install of the app from the AppStore it works fine. If I put the app on my phone via iTunes and then remove it from the Phone without installing it first, the app won’t work at all. Does iTunes store some kind of a record about my app? How does the system know that my app was installed via iTunes instead of from the AppStore?


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What’s New In?

5](#pone.0118837.g005){ref-type=”fig”}, respectively.

![Expression of *PrP* transcripts in some tissues of cowpox virus-infected adult mice.\
Mouse tissues were harvested 7 days after infection and studied by RT-PCR. The expression of GAPDH transcript was considered as an internal control. M, 100 bp DNA ladder. B, Brain; T, Thymus; L, Lung; Lu, Liver; H, Hindlimb muscle; Li, Heart; K, Kidney; St, Spleen; Lt, Large intestine; Bl, Bladder; Ts, Testes.](pone.0118837.g007){#pone.0118837.g007}

*PrP* mRNA expression in cell lines {#sec026}

Having proved that infection of the cowpox virus by BACe can produce PrP^c^, the ability of this virus to express *PrP* mRNA was further examined. *PrP* transcripts were readily detected in the Vero, BHK-21 and CCL-39 cells infected with different BACe-encoding cowpox virus strains ([Fig. 8](#pone.0118837.g008){ref-type=”fig”}). Transcripts of GAPDH were detected as an internal control. The data indicated that cowpox virus BACe could express *PrP* mRNA in these cell lines.

![Expression of PrP^C^ transcripts in cowpox virus-infected cell lines.\
M, 100 bp DNA ladder; 1–6, infected Vero, BHK-21, CCL-39 cell lines; A, PBS, as negative control; V, Vero cells infected with cowpox virus; B, CK, as negative control.](pone.0118837.g008){#pone.0118837.g008}

Discussion {#sec027}

The study of *PrP* expression in cowpox virus infection is of interest for the molecular research of this virus. Although most cowpox viruses are stable in nature, the BACe isolate, which contains a full-length *PrP* sequence in the genome, is unstable in nature \[[@pone.0118837.ref013]\]. To date, there are no reports

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or later.
Mac OSX 10.12 or later.
iPhone 5S or later.
iPad Air, iPad 4th generation or later.
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