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Download Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop Technical Support


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Photoshop techniques

Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool, particularly for the following three types of image manipulation:

* Retouching — cropping and redrawing an image so that the new edges are kept within the edge of the original image
* Painting and adding shading
* Adjusting color — changing colors, removing color casts, and adding or removing color

Using Adobe Photoshop for image retouching is what most people think of when they say “Photoshop.” Most of us have probably cropped and redrawn images in Photoshop, as well. But color is the most popular topic of Photoshop discussion, and so we’ll show you how to take advantage of the tool’s color editing features in a variety of ways.

## Getting Your Picture Perfect

When you have a great picture and you want it to be even better, the first thing to do is sharpen it up. Your picture probably looks more like a photo when it is a bit sharper and more controlled than what you find when you see it on a slide or print.

In a picture that looks like it was taken with a good telephoto lens, everything in the picture is slightly blurred, but you can make the perspective look sharper and more controlled by using Photoshop and adjusting the _blur_ (the smooth, softening) effects of the picture. In fact, even if the picture doesn’t look like you took it with a telephoto lens, but you do, it can look like you did by using a blur effect in Photoshop and pushing the edges of the pictures slightly.

If your picture has a lot of noise, you need to remove it. Noise can appear in a picture because of a number of different factors. Here are the two biggest:

* **Narrow tonal range:** Noise is light and dark areas within a picture. Noise makes pictures look grainy. The best way to remove noise is to use a layer mask. (We show you how to create one in Chapter 13.)
* **Not all-over light:** Areas that are all one tone, such as white areas on a

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The Elements app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 is the right software for all your editing needs, whether you are a beginner or an expert. But do you know how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images?

Here’s an overview of how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images.

1. Create a new document

1. Tap on the icon on the top right to access the New document window.

2. In the New document window, choose Photoshop Elements 10 as the preferred app for editing.

3. If the app bar is not displaying, tap on the bar at the top or the documents tab to display it.

4. Now, choose the name for the new document and tap on the Next option.

5. Choose the picture resolution for the final image from the options available. To change the resolution, tap on the image. Tap on the information bar beside the resolution to see the size for the photo.

You can choose a fixed size for the image or choose an exact size for the image. For the former, tap on the image to access the proportions. You can change the size of the image within the image and drag the mark for the image to change its size.

For the latter, tap on the desired size in pixels and tap on the image to set the size.

6. If the JPEG is selected for the type, the file needs to be selected before you start editing. To select the JPEG, tap on the image. You will be able to see the picture along with the resolution and size of the picture. Choose any image from the list.

7. If the image is in a RAW format, select a folder location to save the photo.

8. Click on the Open button to open the image.

2. Open the image in Photoshop Elements

1. Open the camera menu and make sure you are in Raw Editing mode.

2. Tap on the Open button to open the new image.

3. You can see a small sign of the image in the preview. Tap on the screen to set a color correction.

4. If you want to reduce the white balance of the image, tap on the suggested button. You can easily see the photo with blue color.

5. Tap on the screen to set the red, green, and blue values. Tap on the image to choose

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Implementing switch case in jquery based on router params

I have the following router:
var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({
routes: {
“list” : “list”,
“events” : “events”
list: function(query) {
// do something
events: function(query) {
// do something


I want to be able to implement the following syntax:
// or AppRouter.list(2);
// or AppRouter.list(3);

How would i go about this?


var query = $(this).attr(‘href’);
return false;

You can’t set the href attribute in the navigation bar, its readonly.
You’ll have to set it in some way other than the href attribute.
is that you want to do something with the anchor in the navbar. you have two ways for doing this.
1) If you want to fire the router off with the attribute in the navbar, you can use some other attribute or id or whatever you’d like to refer to as a pattern, or just use an onclick event in the a tag to fire off the router and use the href value in the router. like this:


2) If you want to use events or whatever else besides href

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30 y o y con una experiencia profesional anterior, manteniendo su dotación de personal más alta. Esta cifra supone que el total de representantes de Podemos en el Parlamento Europeo no superará a los 60. Un número que, de ser posible, debería duplicarse. Pero la experiencia demuestra que más del 90% de esos representantes son novatos, muchos sin mucha experiencia administrativa en ningún órgano público. ¿Quién ha puesto nuestra sed sin cuento a eso?

Podemos parece haberse equivocado cuando decía que el ámbito electoral español solo tiene una sensibilidad un poco mas pronostica la composición de su Eurocámara y no la otra. Como no se ha presentado ninguna explicación clara de por qué ha sido tan difícil que se haya podido hacer, para mi sorpresa, en las elecciones europeas de 2014, así se hizo.

En el caso de Podemos, hay que explicar sin vacilaciones la falta de profesionalidad y espíritu partidario que han sufrido algunos representantes de su lista. Se trata de un partido que poco a poco se está convirtiendo en una nueva fuerza de la política española porque, al igual que sucedió con el PSOE en sus días de oro electoral en las instituciones europeas, si se le podía dar una instancia de contrapeso —aquella que el PSOE no ha podido asumir—, Podemos ha demostrado que tendría cierto valor. Fue, y sigue siendo, el estandarte de una alternativa, con diversos aspirantes, que se presentan a los comicios europeos. Por más innovador que haya sido Podemos, esa fuerza ha de

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