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Glucose is used as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of diabetic patients and as a diagnostic agent for determining various metabolic conditions. In particular, glucose is necessary for the maintenance of a patient during hypoglycemic therapy and continuous monitoring of glucose levels is a critical care measure in the prevention of future diabetic complications.
Commercially available methods for measuring glucose levels require the extraction of the blood sample and subsequent chemical conversion of the resulting glucose. Drawbacks to these methods include the contamination of the sample by substances extraneous to the blood and the necessity for frequent sampling. A major need exists for a non-extraction method which requires no equipment, no special sampling techniques or instruments, and provides results with sufficient rapidity to be of diagnostic value.
Various chemical reactions have been suggested which can convert glucose to a chromophore which can be detected spectrophotometrically. European Patent No. 0.039.944 describes the generation of the chromophore by the interaction of glucose with a polycarboxylic acid. European Patent No. 0.086.430 provides a method for obtaining 3,4,5,6-tetra-O-acetyl-D-glucose as a chromophore.
In U.S. Pat. No. 4,668,520, a method for the measurement of glucose by the interaction of glucose with a diazidic compound is described.
These reactions require the use of an acidic medium to effect chromophore formation. The pH’s needed to generate chromophore are in the range of 4.6 to 6.0 which limits the types of chromogenic compounds that can be used.
It would be desirable to have a non-extraction method which produces a readily measurable color whose intensity is proportional to the concentration of glucose. The present invention provides such a method.Q:

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Endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures are becoming more prevalent. Endoscopic surgery is defined as surgical procedures that are performed through small incisions using elongate instruments, such as endoscopes or laparoscopes. Endoscopic surgery generally reduces the amount of trauma suffered by patients, as opposed to conventional open surgery in which the patients’ bodies are cut open to perform surgery. Additionally, the length of hospital stays are generally significantly reduced, as surgery is not as invasive when performed endoscopically.
During such endoscopic procedures, it can be difficult to manipulate tools used for cutting and removing tissue and/or organs, or to manipulate other types of devices into place within the patient’s body.
For example, it can be particularly difficult to grasp, grasp, or grab tissue or organs during endoscopic procedures. Even if one is able to grasp tissue or organs, it may be difficult to perform additional procedures on the tissue or organs. Further, it can be difficult to grasp tissue or organs that are not easily grasped, or do not provide a suitable amount of surface area for tissue adhesion. In addition, it can be desirable to cut tissue or organs precisely and with a low speed while reattaching the tissue or organs without tearing.The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for distributing messages to communication devices.
There are many different techniques for distributing messages (including data) to a plurality of communication devices. In one technique, a message is placed on a communication network or on a server, and each communication device on the communication network receives the message. The technique that places the message on the communication network has the advantage of providing a large number of communication devices with the message. The technique that places the message on the server has the advantage of offering centralized access to the message.
In another technique, a user enters a special code and/or accesses a special software application at a communication device (e.g., a computer) to enable that communication device to receive the message. The technique that utilizes the special code and/or special software application enables a particular message to be accessed only at the communication device to which the special code and/or software application is assigned.Here it is, the most expensive way to have your ashes spread. Assigned

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