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# Corel Draw

Corel Draw is like a hybrid of Illustrator and Photoshop. It allows you to manipulate and save files as high-quality vector artwork. Like other graphics editors, it can also save files as raster formats, including GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

Its features include a vibrant color palette, numerous brushes, line styles, text styles, and an assortment of other drawing tools. Like Photoshop, it also offers layers, paths, masks, and one-point selection.

You can use it to create high-end artwork, but Corel Draw doesn’t have many of the convenience features of applications like Photoshop, and it is more limited in how its features can be configured.

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most-used graphics software in the world and used by millions of photographers, graphic designers, web designers, Discord emoji creators and meme-makers.

It’s the main application of choice for professionals, the obvious choice for casual users, and a less expensive option than Adobe Photoshop.

In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to add background to a photograph. We will begin by adding a new background to a photo. Later we will put a photo as the background.

At the end of the tutorial we will add a gradient overlay to a photo.

PSD File included.

Step 1. Importing Your Image Into Photoshop

Open the image you want to edit using Photoshop.

Copy the image in your clipboard (Command + C), then paste it in the open window (Command + V).

We are going to use this same picture for most of the tutorial.

Step 2. Making The Adjustment

Depending on the image you will decide what adjustments to make before removing the background.

If you plan to do a lot of this kind of work, here are some tips.

1. Remove the Background

Select the Background of the image (Control + F2)

Press Ctrl + I to invert the background

Select Clear Background

Click OK

2. Black and White + Lighten Image

Select Image > Adjustments > Desaturate

The desaturate will not work on RGB or CMYK images.

It will work on grayscale images.

In Photoshop, images in grayscale mode can be edited using the Curves tool.

In this case we will edit the image using a black and white. There are several methods to do this.

Select the Foreground color in the colors palette (the colors that appear above the image in Photoshop)

Click on the Black and White tab

Set the range of colors to the lightest grayscale (maybe 50% Gray)

Click OK

A quick tip before you press OK:

If you are editing an image in Photoshop Elements then the image is usually in RGB. So the background colors would be Red, Green, and Blue.

You can either remove all of the colors and use only black and white, or you can continue to work in RGB mode.

If you are working in Photoshop

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The “Transparency” Commission review has become a trick question in the Netherlands.

The commission has since Monday released two highly critical reports into the affairs of the three big parties. It accuses all of them of blunders ranging from vote-buying to cover-ups for criminal organizations. Their leaders are being investigated for fraud.

Ending the decade-long PS-D66 hegemony, the commission made all three parties co-victims in its assessment of a decade of governing. It singles out the Netherlands’ only female Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, for the most glaring misconduct of all. He is accused of having failed to act on a warning of massive fraud by the country’s ruling party ahead of elections in 2015.

The commission then criticizes the major coalitions for their inability to present a cohesive center-left front. It concludes with the assertion that the country desperately needs a greater number of parties willing to enter government. The report states that “a large gap remains between the ideals of the center-left and the realities of political governance.”

So, looking to the future, let’s summarize the main points of the 82-page report:

1. The commission considers the governing parties responsible for a lack of transparency in politics. It recommends changing the system, such as forcing parties to present manifestos that are verifiable before elections. But it states that “a more realistic approach would be to make political parties answer for their actions,” in a proportional representation system.

2. The coalition government of Rutte’s center-right VVD party and PvdA’s Labor party is being investigated for the alleged criminal actions of an entrepreneur who offered finance for a party election campaign. The man, Arjan van der Does, reportedly worked for the finance division of the PvdA party before establishing his company. Some of his expenses, which he has denied receiving, were not properly declared as election expenses.

3. The coalition between the Labor and Green parties is accused of favoritism for a public relations firm that was hired to help them acquire parliamentary control. The commission demands that the three parties “have public affairs spokesman to explain to the public why they hired the firm,” Public Relations Company PAI. The trio declined to do so.

4. The commission received extensive data about the key elements in the coalition that it did not have access to in the time it took to prepare the report. It criticizes the parties for failing to release all the data it requested.

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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -x objective-c++ -fblocks -fms-extensions -rewrite-objc %s -o %t-rw.cpp
// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -fblocks -Wno-address-of-block-declaration-only-region -DNDEBUG -include %t.result -Werror -triple x86_64-apple-macosx10.8.0 -verify %s

typedef __block id CDUnknownBlockType;

void (^_Nullable)(void);
void (^_Nullable)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumes_self));

// rdar://problem/7271470
@interface NSObject

__attribute__((ns_returns_retained)) id NSAllocateObject(void) {
void (^_Nonnull f)(void) = ^{ };
return _Nonnull [[f] alloc];

static void (^_Nonnull Block)(void) = ^{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) = ^id { return 0; };

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumes_self)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_returns_retained)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumed)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumes_meth)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_returns_autoreleased)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumes_nocopy)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumes_nontemporal)) = ^id{};

id (^_Nullable_Block)(void) __attribute__((ns_consumes_nonnull))

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My Hero Academia Volume 5
Outright Edition 1280 yen + tax Release Date March 20th, 2020 Anime Title My Hero Academia Official Website Index Page
The following is my review of the volume 5 of the anime series My Hero Academia. You can read the original version of this review on my Patreon.
I feel this volume tries to achieve two things: 1. Get more readers and 2. Start the hype around the anime. I think they achieved the first goal and it comes with caveats as usual.
It will be the last chapter


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