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CandyDoll Elizabeta S Set 010jpg

Man dies after being hit by train in Buda

BUDAPEST. (MTI) – A 58-year-old man died after being hit by a train in Budapest, police said Wednesday, the latest train death on the Hungarian capital`s busy commuter train system.

Budapest’s “Rajka” metro line is the most popular among the Capital’s mass-transit systems, running at 180 kilometres per hour and with more than 30.000 passengers each day.

The man was hit by a train at the Széll Kálmán tér stop in western Budapest around noon, according to the police. The injured man was taken to a hospital and died later.

Local media reported Wednesday that there were no signs of suspicious circumstances.

Budapest police have launched an investigation, but cited no suspect and no motive. They added that the incident could be a result of a suicide attempt.

At the time of the accident, the trains were stopping in the station. Police said the procedure halted immediately and that train operators tried to rescue the injured man, but failed.

The accident is the tenth rail injury death of 2018, according to the Budapest Public Transportation Authority (FHB).

This is the second fatal accident on the “Rajka” metro line in the last two years. The first occurred in May 2016, when a 30-year-old unidentified person died while laying under the line in a similar accident.

Transport Minister Gergely Gulyas vowed to improve safety and said that the railway authority is in talks with manufacturers of train sets in the Hungarian capital.

Budapest police said at a press conference that train operators were qualified and safe.

Police said the incident was apparently caused by a train driver using the wrong level of speed for a particular environment.

A similar accident occurred in July 2017, when an unnamed driver was traveling at higher than normal speeds at the “Puskas” metro line in Budapest and collided with several metro trains and a bus.

The man was hospitalized in critical condition and died while in a coma three days later. The driver had 10 years of experience.

Source: MTI

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Our Plan B girls are second to none, they have been featured on the cover of Family Tree Magazine in the past. Have you seen them featured in the latest Times magazine, Australia, please check it out.

The New Zealand Times magazine about us

This month saw the publication of the New Zealand Times newspaper which included an article on Toni’s experience at family reunions. Headlined “Rekindling old connections,” the article states: “So if you’re getting ready to meet up with relatives for the first time this year, here are a few tips that could make it a little easier to communicate with them.

“Make sure they know you’re there for the long haul, as you need to be able to get on with them. Put some energy into getting to know them, as family ties are all about being open to what is of value.”

From the November/December issue of Australasian Parenting magazine, Toni’s article “Stepping Up in Age” was featured along with her comments on motherhood.

Toni on motherhood

“The first time we saw each other, we were both pregnant — he was 40 and I was 42. I didn’t want to see him because I was afraid of what I might hear or see,” says Toni.

“Thankfully, we were stuck in Italy for Christmas and we were scheduled to fly home on Boxing Day (December 26) — one of the saddest days of the year when my family is together.

“I was excited and anxious to get back to my husband and our daughters. When I boarded the plane, I had one main thought in mind: ‘He doesn’t know how much I love him.’

“When I landed I ran straight home to my girls, knowing I would be the first of them to see him. When I picked them up, I hugged them as tightly as I could, then started to cry. I knew I had finally got past my fear.”Q:

NSIS and SQLite – How to install/update files in the Installation folder

I have an application with a NSIS installer built with


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