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You can do much more than just crop, resize, and alter photographs. You can move, rotate, convert, and even draw and paint your images. To do so, you must master Adobe Photoshop, and to do so, you must first learn the basics of using the program.

Photoshop is the best known and most popular image manipulation tool used in the world. It has over 250 million active users in 2016. It has been used to alter images for so long that it has a large presence on social media. The program dominates the photography industry with its advanced raster image manipulation capabilities.

This book contains all the information you need to master Photoshop. Not only do I explain how to use the application, but I also detail how to capture, alter, and edit photographs in the program.

I show you how to apply all the features in Photoshop, and go over some of the other features available in the program. I also show you how to work with layers and how to layer work together. This is essential to mastering Photoshop because you must use the program in layers to display certain aspects of your image.

Also, the book describes how to use the online tutorials that many Photoshop users use to learn the basics of the program. The online tutorials allow you to review the program’s features and workflows in a more interactive manner than the manual does.

For new users, the Online Help feature in Photoshop is available via the Internet. (Help is accessed by going to `www.adobe.com/products/photoshop` and then to the help link.) Figure 3-1 shows the Help Window you see when you open up Photoshop.

Photoshop’s topic drop-down menus are also displayed. Figure 3-1 shows the topic menu. Table 3-1 lists the topics available.

**Figure 3-1:** Use this help window to learn how to use Photoshop.

Photoshop has a vast array of tools and features for image manipulation. Each tool is explained in detail, so before diving into the program, you must understand the different tools and their functions. To find out how to use the tools, you must master their use first.

Photoshop is a complex application and many tools are hidden within the program. Therefore, you must master them before you can use Photoshop. Each chapter in the book describes a tool, so to learn Photoshop, you must be familiar with it first. This book is only the beginning — you will need to continually study the

How To Download Watercolor Brushes For Photoshop Download

If you are looking for a good place to start with your photography skills, or for a more visualist visual element in your creative projects, then this is the guide for you.

However, you will also need to be familiar with the shortcuts, buttons and menus found in Photoshop to complete the exercises and projects.

In this article, you will learn all about the basic features, workflows and techniques needed to edit images with Photoshop Elements. We will go over basic operations, effects, adjustments, masking and more.

Basic Photoshop Elements features

You can use Photoshop Elements to edit anything from one-page flyers to large studio still lifes, all with an option for low-cost print projects.

Photoshop Elements has a very intuitive and user-friendly UI, designed to guide you through your workflow. As it is a Lightroom app, it has many of the same UI elements as Lightroom.

To navigate around Photoshop Elements UI, there are the standard tools on the main toolbar and also the panel menus. The main toolbar contains the following icons.

Workspace | Zoom

The workspace is full screen and you can use it for zooming in and out of the image. You can move the workspace anywhere on the screen by dragging it with your mouse and dropping it where you want to.

You can also hide and show the workspace (via the top-left toolbar button). The workspace can be locked with a double click.

If you want to pin to the top of the screen, it’s best to click on the workspace’s tab in the panel menu.

There are two types of zoom: standard and user defined.


With standard zoom, you zoom in and out by using the commands + and –. You can zoom in to a size you want and then zoom out and move to a new position.

You can zoom into a single layer, which will focus on that layer alone. You can zoom into the entire image, which will focus on the whole image.

You can go into 100% zoom, which will focus on the image completely.

User-defined zoom

If you are working with a large image and would like to zoom in on specific elements, you can use user-defined zoom.

With this method, you can click on the image and the zoom will be proportional to the area you click on.

With this feature, you can go from

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How can I hide the first half of a message?

I would like to do the following:
I have an input box that displays a message. This message can be 12 characters, 5 lines high. How do I hide the left half of the message and show only one line?
-Whats up

New Message:
-(Whats up)


This doesn’t work perfectly but what you can do to achieve this will be like below.
Tried it myself.
Enter your message


function ltrim() {
var value = document.getElementById(“input”).value;
var length = value.length;
var i;
var chunk;
chunk = value.substr(length/2);
for (i = 0; i -1) {
chunk = chunk.substr(0, chunk.length – 1);
chunk = chunk + “-” + value.substr(length/2);
document.getElementById(“input”).value = chunk;


is there a way to get all the profile data on the client?

I have an app which uses OAuth to access some services on behalf of the user. I don’t have access to the server that I am using. It is public facing.
On the client there is no data store on which I can store the information. I don’t want to store it on the server because it is confidential data and it belongs to the users.
I can use the generic Google profile to get most of the useful information I need, however sometimes I need more than that. E.g. I need to get the user’s profile information, one of the user’s friend list, the user’s friend list, etc..
How do I get all these things?


As @Nathan says, you need to hit your server. Alternately, you might

What’s New In?


What is the difference between a.vb file and.js file

i am working on a web application using jquery and Javascript, am confuse about the difference between a.vb file and.js file.
please tell me the difference between them and when to use which


.vb = Visual Basic. Nowadays, just a lot of bad jokes and all that. Not really “VB” anymore.
.js = Javascript. The language that Javascript is born from.
From Wikipedia:

Javascript is a scripting language that is a product of web
technologies, including the HTML, XML, DHTML, DOM, and ECMAScript
standards. Its main author is Netscape, and it is intended to be a
superset of JavaScript. It was an official member of the original
ECMAScript standard, and supported the ECMAScript 2.0 compatibility
mode. The second edition of the ECMAScript standard did not keep
JavaScript, but Mozilla later created its own version of JavaScript
under the name LiveScript, also known as SpiderMonkey.

“Bridges between China and Africa could be fortified through technological cooperation,” said Ian Taylor, CEO of Beijing-based IT-automation company Tianyan.

His comments were made in advance of an event at the first China-Africa digital summit in London which Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend on Thursday. He’s also due to meet African leaders such as Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta, Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari, South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa and Gambia’s Ernest Bai Koroma.

“Cybersecurity is a priority for China, particularly as more countries look to develop their digital infrastructure,” said Taylor, who helped set up Tianyan.

“South Africa has a very strong Cyber Security sector and the Chinese have a very strong Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) sector,” he said.

“There’s a huge potential opportunity for both sides in areas such as cloud computing to work together and specifically in cloud storage which is a very significant part of the South African economy.”

He said it’s also important that both sides can work together on development projects.

“There’s a huge project in Tanzania, called

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions recommended)
Processor: 2.4GHz Dual Core with 4GB of RAM
Memory: 12 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD equivalent
Storage: 16GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
DVD drive
Sound card
Input devices: Keyboard and mouse
Install Notes:
Compatibility: Wreckfest is compatible with all platforms and operating systems including:
Steam and Windows Store for PC
PlayStation 4


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