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Best International Dating Websites 💭

The flip side of the hookup question is the one that comes up all the time, even by those who might imply that hookup culture is perfect. The debate over whether or not casual sex is bad for you is an interesting one, because while casual sex can be a perfectly valid experience for someone seeking it, it can also be the gateway drug to disaster.

While it’s true that single, sex-positive people of all sexual orientations enjoy going out and having a good time with new and varied people, so long as they have clarity over what their intentions are and what those people actually want, having casual sex can be a really good thing — for a few reasons.
1. Casual sex isn’t hooking up

To begin with, “casual sex” isn’t just a friendly hookup at the bar. A hookup is when you sleep with someone out of some kind of obligation, sometimes with the understanding that there could potentially be some kind of relationship later. Casual sex is casual sex, and it doesn’t necessarily have any sort of connection to other people — although that’s not to say that’s always the case.
Casual sex isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine — lots of people are happy with their current relationships. If you’re not, go forth and do as you will, but please always remember that casual sex is not a hookup.
2. It’s not hooking up for everyone, either

If you’re not having casual sex as a response to an immediate desire for sex, it’s not hooking up for you. It’s not the same thing for everyone, so don’t feel bad if casual sex isn’t a personal road of sexual liberation for you. But if you are seeking out casual sex in order to have sex for no other reason than to have sex, then go forth and do that, but do know that it’s not casual sex for everyone.
3. Hooking up isn’t always a casual affair

As we mentioned before, hooking up can be the immediate result of a desire for sex. However, that doesn’t mean it always is. Casual hookups tend to be, on average, more immediate affairs, where one sex partner “hooks up” with another quickly in order to get what they want. At the same time, there are many other times where hooking up involves a relationship, and a lot of the time it’s actually more of a relationship than a hookup.
In many ways, casual
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“I realize what I like in a partner has a lot to do with the fact that I haven’t met them yet,” says comedy writer and journalist Betsy Baker. “Casual sex is a great path to try new things. It’s nothing to be afraid of — but don’t get into casual sex too quickly!”
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