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Android: Rotate 2 consecutive textviews

I want to rotate the consecutive textviews. I just want to read the attribute “string1” and rotation 90 degrees for “string2”. My code is as follows
I have a button and it’s containing two textviews. What i want to do is when the button is clicked i want to rotate the two textview.
Please help me…


You don’t need rotation to rotate views, you can use TextView#setText()
If you want to

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What’s the difference between the #define statement and the function call in C++?

I’m reading the “K&R The C programming language” and they say that in order to define a constant, for example, you should define a function called MYFUNC. This function can be called in your code as

Where x and y are the arguments to the function.
As far as I understand, you should define constants through #define statements. For example,

And then you should write

So, what is the difference? I know you can write a function call in the above statement (MAX_STRING_LENGTH = 20;).


The #define is a preprocessing directive. It comes before the text your code is compiled, and it’s replaced at that point.
Your function calls refer to an object, which you presumably obtain via a variable in the same scope:
string const MAX_STRING_LENGTH = 10;

If you don’t need to access the object as a variable, or if you only need to access it once, you can simply write that name in the define

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