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Artificial Girl 3 Characters And Clothes [REPACK] 🔗


Artificial Girl 3 Characters And Clothes

theres a few things to keep in mind as well. for starters, you have only two girls, although you can have as many as you want. second, unlike in real life, the girls are all virgins, which means that all they really want to do is have sex. for all the attention you give them, itd be a long time before they gave their consent for your cock. on top of that, you cant select what position you want to have sex in and, since the girls are all standing, you have to help them, using your mouse, to get into the right position.

theres a few other interesting features as well. it would be easy to think that you could take a girls virginity by buying her a favorite product or service, but this isnt the case. all the girls have certain things they want in their life, like a car, a pair of shoes or a special product, but you cant really make them happy unless theyre already happy. and, since you cant make them happy, you cant really buy their affection.

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